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During our recent anniversary lunch, Cool Mum and I reminisced about all of the homes we’ve had during our marriage. It took most of our lunch date to reconstruct the timeline.

In all, we’ve lived in 12 places over the 13 years of the Cool Marriage. And that doesn’t include the 12 or so places we stayed for anywhere from one night to a month when we had no place to call our own.

In chronological order with a rough estimate of size, we’ve lived in:

1. A 400 sq ft one bedroom, Gainesville, FL


A cozy starter place across the street from the UF campus. A family member may or may not have cried after seeing how cozy the apartment was. We were there a year.  Continue reading

The Cool Fam got its start in Gainesville, FL when I met Cool Mum at the University of Florida. In the ten years that followed, we dated, got married, and had Cool Boy. And I spent many evenings, weekends, and summers on a stage cranking out Christian rock music with my band Six Days From Sunday.

Four years ago, our family moved to New York City with the hope of finding direction in our lives. But the places and people of Gainesville will always be part of us, and it was good to see them again this weekend.

The band, with our friend Rob filling in on drums, was set to lead worship at a church on Sunday, so we practiced on Friday evening.

After practice, the guys decided to get a new perspective on the church. With my fear of heights, I politely declined with a “No freaking way you’re getting me up there.”

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I’ve been wanting to do a video tour of our two-bedroom apartment in the Bronx. A few things have been standing in the way:

  • lack of natural light
  • non-lack of piles of toys, books, and clothes in every room
  • the feeling I shouldn’t spend time filming and editing said video
  • the fear we couldn’t top the epicness of the tour of the Cool Duplex anyway

There are certainly video-worthy aspects of the place, like the living room door that hung by only one hinge for a week while our landlord was out of town. (I would have drilled it back in, but was afraid of splitting the door frame.) The freezer that hums and roars when I’m trying to write in the kitchen. And Cool Mum came up with an unusual furniture arrangement (that I doubted at first) that put her and me sleeping in the living room while Cool Newbie scored a bedroom and play area (called “The BounceHouse”) all to himself.

So, lacking the time to film and edit a video, lemme just describe the place to you. Continue reading