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le-taylor-tree-of-life-cover-300Five years ago, we featured the first ever guest post on AWSC?, a humorous and moving piece by our blog friend Lauren. The post was called “Musings from the brink,” where she talked about being on the precipice of big change and the anxiety and faith at play in such a moment. She also coined our nickname Cool ‘Rents, which I proudly use to this day.  Continue reading

Our packed-full storage unit.

Cool Mum is currently reading The Story of the World, a history book for children, to Cool Boy to launch his classical homeschool education. Chapter One is titled ‘The Earliest People’, and it starts off with three questions:

Where do you live? Where do you sleep? Do you sleep in the same bed every night, or do you move into a new house every week?

At the end of our last update, CB’s answers would have been:

“Um…New York? We just made a reeeally long drive from Florida, and I’m not sure.”

“Wherever Mommy and Daddy tell me to. Right now it’s a bed in Long Island.”

“We move into a new house every day!”  Continue reading

Here in Florida, Cool Mum has gone on a vintage kick. She’s hit a few secondhand shops with success, including a nifty blue dress that only cost four bits – 50 cents, if you’re not up on your old fogey vernacular. (I wonder if nursing home folk call the performer “Four Bit” when “In Da Club” cranks up during shuffleboard.)

But while her wardrobe is leaning retro these days, it’s nothing compared to how she keeps in touch with people. Last Saturday, Jan. 26, CM started her Technology Break: cutting off email, Facebook, Google and the rest of the internet (which includes our little blog, of course). No TV, no screens, no recorded music. Continue reading