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I’ve been doing some work from home. I used to dream of working from home: the freedom! The comfort! The unstyled hair! (Refraining from the obvious and overused anecdote about working in one’s underwear.) But with two kids in a 2-bedroom apartment, working from home wasn’t the ideal I made it out to be.

The kids could be a distraction, but it wasn’t anything that a set of cranked  headphones couldn’t fix. My work setup was the real problem. It’s really true that you get what you pay for, so given the $10 investment into office furniture, I shouldn’t be surprised. Continue reading

New York has continued to transform me in ways I’d never have dreamed. First, we turned our backs on our ballyhooed prepaid wireless plans for real plans that we could depend on in the city. Now, I’m eagerly waiting for the mailman to deliver

*choke* I can’t say it…

My new (used) Blackberry. i’m so confused.

Yes, I’m getting a Blackberry and the data plan. Before you hit unsubscribe because you just don’t know who we are anymore, there is a sane reason for this sudden turn of events. We won the lottery. Just kidding.

Actually, it’s my love of efficiency that’s trumping my love of frugality. I have a 35-minute (on average) commute every day. Much of that time is spent either waiting for the subway or riding it. When we lived in Florida, I used to redeem my driving time by composing blog posts and movie scenes in my head. However, the train isn’t the insulated environment like the Corolla was, so it’s hard for me to word-process in my head.

I do work with several blogs, so being able to do that work on the subway would be sweetly efficient. In comes the smartphone. I can write or edit posts, jot down flashes of inspiration, take pictures of unique NYC moments, and keep up on my blog reading. I have my justified myself yet?

Plus, my favorite justification: By doing my freelance work with the smartphone, it will eventually pay for itself! That excuse works great for guitar equipment, though not so well for red leather pants with ‘COOL DAD’ stitched into them.

So, barring a collapse of the United States Postal Service, I should get my Blackberry tomorrow (supposed to be today grrr). And don’t worry, I’ll still be the same, cheap, humble Cool Dad that you’re used to. Of course, with an awesome new (used) Blackberry smartphone!! [+10,000,000 cool points]

Do you have a smartphone? Are you happy with it?