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It was only 10 in the morning, but our Saturday was already a productive one. Our landlord had just come by with a family who was interested in our apartment. (Yes, we’re moving. Again. For the eighth time in the last 4 years. More on that later.)

Now, I was crowing to Cool Mum that we were going to get SO MUCH done the rest of the day. We’d gather up unwanted clothes to take to Salvation Army. We’d buy packing tape from Target and assemble our moving boxes. Then we’d put stuff into those moving boxes. It was going to be a day of responsible and satisfying work. The Cool Fam hopped in the car to get started. Continue reading

Picking back up on our time in Orlando – After figuring out my Orlando grocery strategy, I began research on the local hangouts. I surely did not want my six-week break from Florida to become a six-week break from gaining cool points.

Taking some ideas from my in-the-know Orlando friend Janessa, a 10-year resident of NYC, I compiled a list of cool places to find a sense of creative community. Some might call these hipster hangouts. I happen to like hipsters (although I’m not really sure what they are). Here’s where they, and other creative types, can be found:  Continue reading

photo by Joel Salazar/Flickr

Cool Mum gave up gluten as part of her diet overhaul when she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. After having Cool Newbie, she stuck with her diet and has been gluten-free (‘GF’ to those in the know) ever since. I’ve supported her decision, aside from a few (or many) complaints when it came time to pick what to get at a restaurant or grocery store.

Gluten-free is great…for her. She’s never pushed her diet upon me; I’ve been my pizza, cookie, and bread-loving self. But when we talked about what to give up for Lent, the question came up: What about gluten?  Continue reading