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In the summer of 2011, I’m pretty sure that I made social media history. I got a marketing internship with Yelp, which must’ve made me the oldest Internet intern EVER at the age of 34. In a field with CEOs in their 20s, I think that intern positions are most often given to middle schoolers, or at least college students like some of my fellow interns.

As part of my internship, I got the snazzy I * NY shirt that you see at the right. The shirt’s just for Yelp employees, and we wore it when we worked at events. The asterisk-looking symbol is the Yelp Burst, a part of their logo.  Continue reading

My first Trader Joe's receipt in six weeks. Wait, why are there nachos on my beautiful grocery memento? Cool Dad!

Over Christmas, we spent five weeks in Orlando (my hometown)
with friends and different extensions of the Cool Fam. When planning our trip, my first concern was food of course! What would I do without my beloved Trader Joe’s?

The six-week TJ’s Break turned out to be a good thing. Prices were so high for organic food in Florida that I began to eat less overall. I also ate a lot more organic bulk-bin dry beans, for better or for worse. Between that and the miles of wandering around Whole Foods not knowing where anything was, I got into better shape!

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We’re pulling our traditional double duty in Florida right now, enjoying quality family time in the warm weather. Over the last few days, we doubled our caloric intake in case a freak blizzard snowed us under at home. Or maybe it was because there are 154 times as many Chick fil-As in the state of Florida (154) as there are in New York (1). Continue reading