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During our recent anniversary lunch, Cool Mum and I reminisced about all of the homes we’ve had during our marriage. It took most of our lunch date to reconstruct the timeline.

In all, we’ve lived in 12 places over the 13 years of the Cool Marriage. And that doesn’t include the 12 or so places we stayed for anywhere from one night to a month when we had no place to call our own.

In chronological order with a rough estimate of size, we’ve lived in:

1. A 400 sq ft one bedroom, Gainesville, FL


A cozy starter place across the street from the UF campus. A family member may or may not have cried after seeing how cozy the apartment was. We were there a year.  Continue reading

Let’s close the chapter on the last year so we can start looking ahead. Read Part 1 here or else the following post will make no sense. (Disclaimer: Reading Part 1 not guaranteed to make the following post make any sense.)


Our second apartment in the Bronx was a good home. Small by any other city’s standards, but large enough where we could scatter all of our Wonder Washed clothes on the floor and not have to stack anything. (Not that we ever tried, ha ha. Um. Yeah.)

As we approached the end of the lease, May 31, the question came up. That gosh-durn question that’s robbed us of so much comfort over the last five years: What if?  Continue reading