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Here in Florida, Cool Mum has gone on a vintage kick. She’s hit a few secondhand shops with success, including a nifty blue dress that only cost four bits – 50 cents, if you’re not up on your old fogey vernacular. (I wonder if nursing home folk call the performer “Four Bit” when “In Da Club” cranks up during shuffleboard.)

But while her wardrobe is leaning retro these days, it’s nothing compared to how she keeps in touch with people. Last Saturday, Jan. 26, CM started her Technology Break: cutting off email, Facebook, Google and the rest of the internet (which includes our little blog, of course). No TV, no screens, no recorded music. Continue reading

I’ve been celebrating Lent for six days. Six crazy days. After looking at the places where I had been using my time and mental space, I realized there were two GOOD things I could replace with better things during Lent: Facebook and email!

Spontaneously on Tuesday night, I deactivated my Facebook account temporarily and turned on the vacation responder for my emails. Freedom! I am a huge fan of both forms of communication, as I believe they can give us a sense of community in the midst of a busy world where people don’t have time to see each other in person.  Continue reading

New York Stock Exchange trading floorI don’t know if you follow social media, but we’re in the midst of an Internet boom. In May, LinkedIn had their IPO (initial public offering, where a company sells shares to the public for the first time), and the value of the site settled in at $7 BILLION. Its founder, Reid Hoffman, now has a cool ~$1.5 billion to his name.

The hot new IPOs around the corner are Groupon, the dominant daily deals site, and Zynga, the maker of popular Facebook games FarmVille and CityVille, each valued around $20 billion. And the doozy is coming later this year: Facebook, valued at $85 billion, possibly reaching $100 billion when it goes public this fall! Continue reading