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I’ll echo to you what much of my Facebook news feed says right now: We’re ok. But as large areas of NYC are underwater and out of power, that doesn’t really tell the story because, to be honest, we weren’t there.

Cool Mum and the Cool Bros have been in Florida since early October, and my plan was to drive down and join them this past weekend. We’ll be here for a few weeks, so we needed the car.

I was going to pack on Saturday morning, watch the Florida-Georgia football game with friends, and then hit the road early Sunday morning. But then someone mentioned to me that a hurricane was headed our way.  Continue reading

I hit a pothole

I hit a pothole

After getting home from a day around the city, I was disappointed, but largely unsurprised, to see that the silver-toned plastic wheel cover on our front left wheel was gone. Instead, the ugly, filthy rim of the tire gaped at me.

Cool Mum wondered if someone stole it. The hubcap wasn’t anything fancy; it came with the car. It didn’t spin or have LEDs to print out messages for fellow drivers (oh how I wish it did). The only special feature it had was that it quickly and efficiently collected brake dust. I knew the real culprit behind the missing cap: the unforgiving roads of New York City. Continue reading

TeleNav surveyed over 600 men and women to find out their differences when it comes to driving. Let’s see how we compare to what popular opinion says. (click to enlarge)


Who is a better driver?
Men and women disagree on who’s the better driver, though 85% of men think they rule compared to only 57% of women who claim the wheel as theirs.

CM and I both agree that I’m the better driver. I handle all of the driving around the city and the extreme lunacy that comes with it.

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