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Okay, let’s put a quick little bow on our recap of our weekend at BlogHer.


After a late Thursday night that may or may not have involved more reading of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire when I should have been sleeping, I hit BlogHer early for breakfast. The sessions were good, and I met many a blogHer. This is what many a blogHer looks like on the way to the keynote lunch.

I didn’t attend the Friday night parties because CM and I had our own plans for the evening: an intimate night of music in New Jersey with Coldplay.

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(The song in the video below just played on Delilah. I was reminded of this post from May 5, 2009. Enjoy the train wreck...)

As parents who are self-professed computer nerds and ‘avid indoorsmen’, we are all about activities that help Cool Baby expend energy while we can sit motionless and watch. Enter the Little Kid Dance Party.

We recently stumbled upon a Little Kid Dance Party at a local children’s museum. We had gone to the basement bathrooms to take care of business before trekking back home across Manhattan. Then we heard the bass thumping and discovered a horde of jumping, hyperactive children bouncing off each other and the walls of a large, open room.

Some young museum staffers had plugged their iPod into the sound system and were playing DJ for these all-too-eager kiddos. Cool Mum and I probably high-fived and encouraged CB to join in the American Bandstand-like fun. Fortunately, we had our camcorder to capture the safe, innocent revelry that the boy was about to enjoy [embedded video below for your RSS readers]:

OK, maybe Little Kid Dance Parties are not that safe. But overall, the boy had fun, and we got to stand still for a few minutes. Now that’s a good time.

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