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Remember that scene in the Tom Hanks movie Big where he goes to New York City and finds a cheap hotel to stay in…and ends up huddled in the corner crying as gunshots, sirens, and violent neighbors are heard in the background? Well, that hasn’t happened to me just yet.

One day in the Cool Studio, our neighbors were arguing really loudly and I thought I heard things being thrown around the room. I actually thought to myself, “Good thing I’m sitting at my table here behind the refrigerator. Just in case a gunshot goes through the wall, the fridge should provide some kind of protection, right?”

Months later, we feel safer now than we ever did in Florida.  Walking around after dark is no problem at all, and refrigerators are no longer used as bulletproof shields.  It’s a good thing our fears were unfounded.

Have you ever felt afraid of your neighbors?

[UPDATE: Several bugs (in my brain) kept the video from working. It works now!]

You are cordially invited to take a tour of our luxurious and spacious home on the Upper East Side of New York City! Our ground floor apartment is a little low on lighting, both natural and electrical, so it’s a little dark – sorry about that. Just be sure to stay close to your guide or you may get lost! [embedded video for you RSS readers]

Tonight, we had a couple of friends over for dinner. We debated whether we could pull off hosting a meal with 4.5 people in our 200-sq ft studio apartment. But considering the boy’s bedtime, our friends graciously offered to come over.

And miraculously, the place didn’t seem crowded. Cool Mum did a great job of cleaning, stacking things on top of each other, and just making stuff that usually resides on the floor disappear.

I was pleasantly surprised that we didn’t have to make our friends take turns coming in from the hallway to hang out. I don’t think we had to squeeze by each other once. And I was able to sit comfortably instead of scrunching up into a ball in the corner.

This studio is an endless source of jokes, but it’s clearly a blessing from God. I’ll always remember when I first complained about this place on my Twitter, our blog friend Chad Wright promptly sent this reply:

Whew – powerful encouragment and conviction. Maybe I should give up complaining about our little home for the rest of Lent / my life. And thinking about this past week, we should also give up posting about it, too (for a while).