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Five-year-old Sadie is an absolute wreck as she ponders her baby brother growing up. I’m with you, Sadie. Cool Newbie turned four – FOUR! – in June, and boyhood is definitely winning over babyhood at this point.

Last night, Newbie was telling me how one of his friends at the park poured water on him. I stuck out my lower lip and laughed. Past Newbie would have wailed in offense, maybe throw a LEGO brick in displeasure. Instead, Present Newbie explained, “It’s not a joke.”

Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping…

We stayed in a motel in Alexandria, Va. this weekend, and Cool Newbie was obsessed with the phone. The contraption was nothing like Daddy’s mostly forbidden miracle calling device that offers endless rounds of Angry Birds and Angry Birds Star Wars. The push-button phone with a handset has been relegated to toy status, and, while he knew it was the real thing, he still felt some entitlement to it.

The wireless internet went out at one point, so I called the front desk to let them know. The clerk said he would reset the router. Then Newbie looked at me with eager eyes and said, “I want to call the front desk.”


“I want to thank him for pressing the button,” echoing my answer that the front desk man was fixing the internet by “pressing a button.”

At first I didn’t want to bother the desk clerk. But then I figured we should seize this little opportunity to give him a fun, little story to tell.

I dialed ‘0’ again and told the young man who answered that the internet was working again. I then added, “Oh, and um, my three-year-old wanted to tell you something.”


Cool Newbie cradled the receiver in his hands and held it up to his face.

“Thank you for my fixing my daddy’s computer. (pause) Okay, bye.”

So. Sweet. I guess we’re doing something right some of the time with Newbie.


Apr 2013 – Mountain man

As we were putting the Cool Bros to bed last night, my heart was full but a little heavy. It would be the last night that Cool Newbie would be a two-year-old.

He’s a chatty, cheery toddler who’s not to shy to bless me with an “I love you, Daddy.” Just five minutes ago, as I was pulling him out of the car when he and Cool Mum got back from the park, he said in his nasal, raspy tone, “I’m so glad to see you! I missed you.”

The shields are down, Captain! We’ve been hit! This kid knows how to pinpoint your heart and leave it in a puddle on the floor.  Continue reading