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Eduard Khil has died.

That brief obituary probably doesn’t mean much to you, and, to be honest, it doesn’t have much impact on my life, either. However, I share a mainly insignificant bond with Mr. Khil, better known around the internet as “Mr. Trololo.”

Two years ago, I was so excited about our new apartment that I wanted to film a tour of it. But I didn’t want to just walk around and point out various amenities; I wanted to celebrate it. So, when I stumbled upon Trololo, which is a 1976 video of Mr. Khil singing for a Russian TV show, inspiration struck.

The original Trololo video was so ridiculous (and slightly unnerving) that I thought it would be perfect for our video tour. We filmed for a couple of hours, edited for several more, and had our tour of the Cool Duplex. We posted it on April 5, 2010. And here, it’s conveniently embedded for your viewing pleasure/uneasiness:

This is timely because we just moved last week, and we’re pretty excited about our new place! Once we get settled, we’ll have to do another tour. Double Bathroom…what does it mean?


It’s strange to think that our two main struggles in this modest two-bedroom apartment are things that most of you don’t struggle with at all: dishes and laundry. When we left Florida, we left our gleaming white dishwasher and washer/dryer behind.

We were mildly spoiled in the Cool Duplex with its rumbling yet functional dish-washing appliance. But after moving to the Bronx, we’re back to square one.

Cool Mum will elaborate further, but we’ve fallen off the WonderWash wagon a bit. We’ve tamed the laundry beast for now, but leaky diapers mounted an offensive offensive against us over the last couple of weeks. And while dishes haven’t escalated to a fray, they are a constant time suck after every meal.

My hope is that something will change in the near future, like moving to a place with these modern cleansing marvels. Or we could replace our TV stand with a dishwasher and our bed with a washer/dryer combo and duvet on top. Then we could do our laundry and sleep in the comfort of white noise! I am totally onto something here!!

However, if it came down to just choosing one convenience, my first instinct would be the washer/dryer. Then again, sometimes it seems like we’re doing dishes all day long. Such a cruel dilemma!

If you could only have one, which would you choose: a dishwasher or a washer/dryer?


Continuing our end-of-the-year blowout (Cool Newbie just had one yesterday), here are the top 5 dishes that we ate this year. These aren’t necessarily the most delicious dishes or the ones that we had the most often. They’re the ones that we’ll most likely think of when we look back to 2010. But first, the


We’re too food-obsessed to limit the list to just five. Here are three that barely missed the cut.

Trader Joe’s Canned Wild Alaskan Salmon – We got into canned fish as a quick and easy source of protein, and Cool Mum was happy to find that TJ’s sold low-salt Wild Alaskan Salmon with no bones or skin. This has become a staple of many-a-meal recently (wraps, salads, rice dishes).

Two Little Red Hens Yellow Cupcake with Fudge Frosting – Maybe we’re Upper East Side homers, but we believe that Two Little Red Hens makes the best cupcakes in the city. On my way home from work, I would pick up a couple of cupcakes. Red velvet was my favorite at first, but CM won me over with the simplicity and fudginess of the yellow. Sadly, our spirits were broken when we read that a gourmet cupcake could load us with up to 700 calories and 35 grams of fat, so we cut back on our cupcake consumption.

Trader Joe’s Mini Beef Tacos – These little Mexican delights are quick and pack a good punch (like midget luchadores). They served well as lunch at work or dinner at home, plain or chopped up over a salad. Put 6 of them in an oven at 400° for 8 minutes (tacos, not luchadores), and I’m happy.

And now the Top 5… Continue reading