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Here are the entries for the Cool Duel! They’re kept anonymous so there’s no bias toward your fave blogger. In the comments, please say who you thought had the coolest weekend.

The winner receives a $10 iTunes gift card, so they can buy some cool tunes to play for their next rockin’ weekend!

– Took photos of elephant seals on beach in San Simeon
– Saw zebras across the street from ocean on Hearst Castle property
– Played at the beach in Pismo
– Rode trolley shuttle into downtown San Luis Obispo for dinner


– Went to SLO Triathlon and counted pool laps for friend participating
– Went to dinner with friends from Triathlon group


– work, of course
– grab take-out and head to my best friend’s place
– hang with the best friend and her 7-month old and watch TV
– spend the night, since her husband’s out of town on Air Force stuff
– I think we went to sleep at like…11…


– get up at 7
– arrive as the first customer at my favorite coffee shop
– chat with my dread-locked/brilliant barista friend
– meet with another friend to dream/plan out a photography project
– back to my best friend’s to watch the kid wonder,, while she goes to work for a bit
– go home and sleep!
– go to the pool with the crew
– play cards into the night (we’re quite lively Nertz/Dutch Blitz players!)
– lay awake dreaming some more


– sleep in and catch the late service
– enjoy a lunch (at home) of crab ($6 for 4 lbs!), steak and sweet tea with friends
– edit + upload photos, organize stuff, play piano
– make some black bean soup
– watch the movie “Deja Vu” (amazing film!!!) and play cards again with friends/roommates
– call it a night around 11, since we all have work in the morning


– slept in till 10
– Blog post
– watch matrix reloaded (#2)
– update plugins for work – working on the weekend not so sure thats cool
– Go to Utopia Coffee and drink two iced latte’s while designing and listening to live music
– Stay up till 2pm messing with more designs


– sleep in till 9 and missed church
– take a shower
– More Design work
– went to the store and drank a redbull
– drove to Franklin at 10pm at night
– Drive around Franklin like a mad man (that was freaking awesome)
– got home at 12 midnight and posted about it
– slept


– watched Lost for 4 hours
– went to CFA, but no Starbucks


– went to church
– ate at this chicken place that’s famous in Miami [maybe Florida?]
– went to Starbucks, went home, went to youth group, then went to a wedding

– Watched 4 continuous hours of Chelsea lately which gave me sore abs from extreme laughter
– Spent 2 hours searching for a shade tent, only to remember that I sold it in a yard sale last Summer
– Made up new words to Miley Cyrus’ songs to encourage my youngest to pee on the potty instead of in the pool
– Had a visit from the neighbor. Tried to convince her that “no, my allergies are not from your corn stalks 300 yards away.” Sheesh.
– Went “shopping” in my basement hand me down bins for my middle’s school clothes
– Spent 2 hours getting the dreadlocks out of my 2 y.o.’s hair…it’s seriously curly
– Made pumpkin bread
– Was accosted in my laundry room by my husband. =D…..twice

So, who had the coolest weekend?

We got a couple of entries for the Cool Duel, but from last night’s chat, I know that there are many more who are meaning to submit entries.

I’m sure that everyone is on the edge of their Starbucks stools and office chairs to see what the big prize is. The winner of the Cool Duel will receive…

A $10 iTunes gift card!

Get those submissions in by midnight EST tonight!

I hope that you had a great, very cool weekend! Mine rocked, but I’m not sure if I’ll enter the Cool Duel or not. Who knows…

To enter the Cool Duel (and we hope that you do), email a short list of the cool things that you did this weekend to our email address to the right. Tomorrow, I’ll compile the entries and post them, keeping them anonymous. In the comments, America will vote on who had the coolest weekend! Oh, and the prize?? We’ll announce that tomorrow, as soon as we come up with something!

Also, who’s up for chatting tonight, 9:00 PM EST? We’ll keep it at around 2 hours – it worked well last week.

Please submit those entries!