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This week, Google released a new commercial for Chrome, their web browser. If you haven’t seen it, I don’t want to spoil it, so please spend 92 seconds and give it a view below.

I love the idea of emailing your kiddos as they’re growing up so they can read them when they’re older. I love it so much that I’ve been doing it for about two years now!

For Cool Baby’s second birthday, I thought it would be a good idea to snag a domain with his name so that he could use it later, when he wanted to establish his own identity. Unfortunately, someone – possible soulless domain squattter or evil dictator – already had noahcorpus.com, so I grabbed noahcorpus.me.

After getting the domain name, I set up an email address through Google Apps, so that it’s now a Gmail account. Since then, I’ve been periodically emailing Cool Baby little updates, photos, and videos of our life so far.

I confess that as life has twisted and turned since the birth of Cool Newbie, I’ve slacked on my one-way email correspondence with CB. Recently, I’ve been compelled to make emailing him a regular habit. I hope that seeing this Chrome commercial will secure that commitment on my part.

After Newbie was born, I scored the .com for his name, but I still need to set up his email address. Maybe his anger about lacking an email address is what wakes him up throughout the night!

If you haven’t bought your kids’ domain names, I highly encourage you to do so, unless your last name is Corpus, and you named your kids after ours in some sort of homage. Even if you don’t set up a website or email address for them now, it’ll be good to have it (and keep it out of the hands of evil dictators). If you need some help with whole process of buying a domain name for your kid, let me know!

With that bit of Web geeky advice, I have a couple of emails to write.

candySomehow, someway, we’ve steered Cool Baby clear of a love of sweets. Just a few weeks ago, he shot Dora down on ice cream. Then on Easter, one of his best friends offered him a pink plastic egg filled with saccharine treats. I watched their exchange with trepidation. Would this be the downfall of all of our brainwashing loving guidance?

Cool Baby coolly replied, “I don’t like candy.”

Woo-hoo! Our Knowing Is Thriving, Keeping Away Treats, or KITKAT, program remains intact! However, the biggest threat to keeping CB off candy came where you’d least expect it: home. And it was all my fault.

During two egg hunts that day, CB collected quite a trove of Easter eggs. Instead of tossing the sweets, Cool Mum kindly put them aside for me. She presented me with a sugar stash that consisted of a mini Reese’s peanut butter cup, a caramel-laden Rolo, and a variety of Jelly Belly jellybeans. Approximately 35 minutes later, which was the duration of lunch, I dove in.

Last week, CM said that CB told her that he wants to be “just like Daddy.” Heart, melted. When CM asked him why, he explained that it’s “because he drives.” I’ll take it.

With great power and the adulation of your children comes great responsibility. I absentmindedly walked by CB as I was feasting on an open egg of Jelly Bellys. He asked me, “Daddy, do you like candy?”


Uh-oh. A ‘yes’ would’ve kickstarted a desire for candy in CB. A ‘no’ would be lying. I don’t LOVE candy, but it’s nice to have around.

As I stood there trying to defuse the situation, CM jumped in: “I played a trick on Daddy! I filled his Easter egg with peas!”

I gratefully played along. “Oh yeah… Haha, Mommy tricked me!” And we all laughed.

I hid the jellybean-stuffed egg, while CM asked, “What’s that smell? Did Micah do a poo-poo?”

CD: I don’t know. Here, check. (picks up Newbie and puts his bum up to her nose)
CM: Yup. OK, go change it, Daddy!
CD: But I need to finish my peas!

I changed the diaper with no complaints, because CM’s quick thinking saved us from a much bigger mess.


Cool Baby's first NYC snow, Dec. 2008

We’ve all seen how beautiful a snow-draped New York City can be, the gray city adorned in white like a bride ready for her magical moment. Unfortunately, that serene scene takes place like 5 days out of the year.

The rest of the time, you’re trudging through dirty snow, oceanic puddles, and patches of ice until the next warm spot. Not a good situation to take the kids to play outdoors.

When ’tis crummy out, Cool Baby still needs his exercise. This is how he gets it.