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For as long as I’ve known Cool Mum, she’s enjoyed figuring out who people look like. Once in a while, it makes for an awkward exchange when she asks someone, “Do you know who you look like?” That’s as loaded a question to be asked as any. The response could damage a friendship, especially if it involved a cartoon character. Well, Jessica Rabbit being an exception, I would think.

The other day, CM proclaimed that she knew who the new baby looked like. I cringed a little.

“The guy from the Dharma videos!”

She’s talking about the TV show Lost and its enigmatic doctor of Asian origin who appeared in several 1970s training videos. Me being a Lost nerd, immediately provided a name: “Pierre Chang?”


Whatcha think – do you see a little Pierre Chang in the new Cool Baby? (Dr. Chang is the bottom if you’re not familiar with Lost. Or human infants in general.)


Due to a specific and neurotic list of criteria, we had a heckuva time choosing the name of the newest Cool Baby. Master procrastinators, we waited until we were in the OR to settle upon the little man’s moniker. The name got an OK from the anesthetist, and that was good enough for us.

The winning name for our new little winner is

Micah Sol Corpus

Micah had been kicked around (the name, not a person) for several months. At this point, I can’t remember if it came from a friend or Cool Mum. And it appears to match all of our criteria. By the way, thanks to all of you helped us find a name!

My only reservation is that his name may be an unlikely running joke among countertop retailers, countertop installers, and general countertop enthusiasts when a discussion comes up like:

COUNTERTOP RETAILER: “Hey, who’s calling?”
COUNTER TOP INSTALLER: “It’s formica? Well, remind him that heat-resistant, wipe-clean plastic laminates can’t use a phone!”

Well, I said it was unlikely.

Sol is Latin for “sun,” which is a nice double play because it’s a homophone (have you seen that word since grade school?) for “son” and that he will be a shining star in our lives that may or may not swell into a red giant phase in 5 billion years. The inspiration came from CM’s friend, who mentioned that his scheduled C-section fell on the summer solstice.

We pronounce the name like “soul,” which sounds like the middle name that Bono would’ve given our baby if he would’ve been our friend and not avoided us in the park. It’s slightly disconcerting every time I spell the middle name for people, but if you are untainted enough to not see the problem, then just take my word on it and do not investigate further.

So, we’re pleased with the name. And in case you wanted to see a slightly cheesy picture of the Cool ‘Rents and Baby Micah, here you go!


Yesterday, June 21st, had been circled on the Cool Fam Calendar for weeks. Cool Mum was scheduled to go in for a C-section to have our new boy. We were having our baby on the 21st!

Cool Baby (now 3) was born 9 days late. There was no waiting game this time. It was refreshing to have some control over the situation.┬áThe funny thing was that we missed our June 21 appointment. The really funny thing is that it’s because the new boy was born over a week before. So much for control.

It was supposed to be our last normal weekend – as normal as we could be with CM’s torpedo belly preventing her from walking outside of a 3-block radius of our apartment. On Saturday the 12th, she would do brunch with her friends while I watched CB all day. On Sunday, we’d relax and go to church.

Well, I don’t know what CM munched at brunch, but when she got home, she felt like she was having contractions. The body goes through “practice contractions” leading up to birth, so I told CM that her uterus was just in rehearsal mode. We were having our baby on the 21st.

CB had worn me out, so I was feeling sluggish, literally laying around the apartment. CM alerted me that the contractions were getting closer together and that we should go to the hospital.

Hospital?! I protested; it was a waste of time. They would just send us back. I had good plans for the weekend. There was too much to do at work this week. We were having our baby on the 21st!

Despite my airtight logic (and because of the advice of CM’s doctor), we went to the hospital. We got there and an army of doctors and nurses attended to CM. She was the only patient in the whole labor & delivery ward. Of course, that just meant more people to tell us to go back home due to false alarm, as it was not yet the 21st.

After various tests, a nurse strolled in and declared, “It looks like you’re having a baby.” And I thought Yes, we are eventually having a baby, but then my brain caught up and realized that the smiling nurse had said “today” at the end of her news. I was not ready to have a baby “today.” I was not ready to have a baby until Google Calendar sent me an email reminder for our C-section appointment on the 21st .

But despite my lack of emotional readiness, there I was an hour and a half later, holding a freshly-wiped, squinty-eyed brand new boy up for CM to see as she laid on the operating table.

The latest in the legendary line of Cool Babies was born on Saturday, June 12 at 7:47 pm. He weighed 7 lbs, 4 oz. And he was 9 days early. The 21st would have been nice, but we just got 9 bonus days to love on the little guy. That’s cool with me. (And yes, he has a name, but that’s a post all its own.)