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It was only 10 in the morning, but our Saturday was already a productive one. Our landlord had just come by with a family who was interested in our apartment. (Yes, we’re moving. Again. For the eighth time in the last 4 years. More on that later.)

Now, I was crowing to Cool Mum that we were going to get SO MUCH done the rest of the day. We’d gather up unwanted clothes to take to Salvation Army. We’d buy packing tape from Target and assemble our moving boxes. Then we’d put stuff into those moving boxes. It was going to be a day of responsible and satisfying work. The Cool Fam hopped in the car to get started. Continue reading

It’s Friday night as I write this, and ‘Lovers in Japan’ is cranked on my cheap headphones, which is fitting because tomorrow night, we’re going to see Coldplay in Hartford, CT!

We all know due to common sense and also some very sweet commercials from Johnson & Johnson last year or so that a baby changes everything. Just two years ago, we went to whatever lengths we wished to see a good show. Like driving 5 hours to see U2 in Miami. Or picking up last-minute tickets to see Keane in a half-empty Hard Rock Live. Or waiting all day in the sun for front-rail spots for U2 again in Tampa.

But figuring out this Coldplay in Connecticut thing has been a ride that’s been all sorts of stressful. As we’ve said over the last year, Coldplay’s latest album Viva La Vida or Death and All of His Friends has been in constant play in our household since it came out – mainly because it was the only CD in the house after we cleared it out before moving to New York. It’s by far Cool Baby’s favorite album and just last night, he started saying ‘Coldplay’ when he sees the iTunes window open on our laptop.

Well, Coldplay played NYC before we got here and played Orlando after left Florida. Songs like ‘Life in Technicolor’ and ‘Viva La Vida’ will be forever linked to these unforgettable months of our lives, so we felt crummy for not being able to catch them during this tour.

Then in March, they announced another US leg of the tour, and we just had to jump on. The only feasible show we could catch was in Hartford.

We got the tickets, convincing ourselves that we had a couple of months to train the boy to wear headphones to protect his hearing. He wasn’t having it. He dislikes wearing anything on his head, and he made it clear that he wasn’t wearing bulky headphones for 3 hours. Uh-oh.

Fortunately, a couple from church agreed to road-trip to CT with us and will watch CB while CM and I rock out to CP performing their latest CD. Incidentally, the girl is from CA.

My poor-planning self didn’t realize that every rental car in New York City would be taken for Memorial Day, so I was disheartened to find that out in the middle of this week. By God’s grace, the perfect car came available against all odds, and the trip was finally set.

If you would, wish us safe travels, good times with friends, and a sweet rock show!