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It hasn’t happened in a while – thanks especially to weather in the high-60s recently – but we still dread unsolicited advice from strangers who seem more concerned with Cool Baby’s welfare than we are. I felt really convicted about it recently. Some snapshots from the Cool Fam Vacation Photo Album showed us that we could’ve done better.

Here’s when the boy wanted me to take him for a relaxing Sunday afternoon bike ride. I couldn’t turn down this fun father-son activity.


I know… we should’ve used the car seat.

Next, CB has a toy penguin that he really likes, so we figured he might enjoy a quick weekend trip.


The bed and breakfast in Antarctica was nice. Looking back, I feel bad for forgetting his mittens at home.

He still wanted more penguins, but we didn’t have time for another South Pole trip. Luckily, we found some penguins much closer.


We caught some grief, but nothing less than the best seat in the house for our boy!

After finally deciding to get away from the cold, we revisited our favorite island in the South Pacific. Boy, that was hard to find again! We were walking through the jungle and came across this scary, flashing, clicking monster-type entity made entirely of smoke that everyone was running from screaming. I just had to get a picture or two!


Then, I remembered that ‘where there’s smoke there’s fire,’ so we retreated to safer ground. I wonder what happened to our kind, muscular tour guide there?

These photos are embarrassing, but we can’t run away from our mistakes.  Plus, if we can help educate even one family, it’s worth it!

Reality shows love the confession booth, where their contestants sit in front of a camera annoyed, teary-eyed, angry, talking about how the situation or their fellow contestants are making their lives miserable.

This is my confession booth.

I tend to exaggerate, but since I’ve been up since 4:00 AM trapped in a studio apartment with a screaming toddler, I feel like I’ve earned the right. So do our neighbors.

1.5 jobs. $1500/mo rent on top of a house in FL that won’t sell. A whole lot extra for insurance every month.

If this were a Cool Home Showdown post, I would give NYC a -1000 right now. Call it complaining, call this whole ‘chasing a dream’ thing stupid, call it having no idea where our lives are headed.

I just know that there are things about City That Never Sleeps that are starting to get old.

  • We only eat at cheap restaurants or ones that we have coupons for.
  • We talk about our flaws too much.
  • We ask a lot of questions.
  • We don’t get haircuts as often as we should.
  • Our clothes are not very fashionable and are a little run-down.
  • We like to talk about the places we’ve been.
  • We don’t like the beach.
  • We use PCs.
  • We prefer game nights over movie nights.
  • We have cheapo cable and a TV that we found on the sidewalk.
  • We three are crammed into a little studio apartment.
  • We’re a little paranoid.
  • We don’t drink coffee.
  • We almost never watch movies, even though we’d like to.
  • Our furniture is either second-hand or really cheap.
  • I like nerdy sci-fi that you probably don’t.
  • We actually eat the food at parties instead of playing it cool.
  • We don’t play hard-to-get.
  • I don’t have a career.
  • We write vague, self-centered posts.

I’ll explain.