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How Sad is Your City?

Men’s Health used a smattering of stats like suicide rates and unemployment rates to estimate the saddest cities in America.

Unfortunately, our home state of Florida claims three spots among the 10 saddest cities, with St. Petersburg frowning the most at #100. Maybe a lot of people get weirded out and saddened by the Salvador Dali Museum, which we happen to like. We’re also big fans of Mel’s Hot Dogs in Tampa, which is sulking at #97.

NYC, which most people peg as a volatile mix of angry, sad, and rude, is actually feeling OK at #39. Makes sense to me. I’m fine with a community that has a pizzeria within walking distance of virtually every home.

Where does your city fall on the list? Do you agree with it?


Just because your kitchen is small doesn’t mean that you can’t have a party. The Cool Fam squeezed in with two good friends on four IKEA folding chairs for a lunch of barbecue chicken sandwiches. We hope that it’s not a fire hazard to have so many people gathered with only one way out!

Also, this picture reminds me of how much Cool Baby loves bananas.

2010 was a dramatic year for the Cool Fam. It began with Cool Mum and I separated by a thousand miles; I spent New Year’s Eve in NYC with friends while she was in Florida. She had stayed behind after Christmas (with Cool Baby) as she battled severe morning sickness while being pregnant with Cool Newbie.

We’ll end the year in Florida, in Gainesville where our adventures all began, unemployed and mapping out the future.

The year was filled with events that thrilled us and stretched us and crushed us and shaped us. Here is the first of the five that will stand out the most when we look back on 2010.


Newbie was coming. We wanted to celebrate with friends, but a regular baby shower didn’t seem like the right way to go because we already had a lot of baby stuff (even though much of it was still in Florida). So, Cool Mum thought of having a nesting party, which of course had to be explained to me. Continue reading