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There exist bloggers who’ve hit the big-time by posting pictures of what they wear day-to-day. Jessica Quirk of What I Wore and Miss James of Bleubird Vintage come to mind.

Of course, it takes more than just snapping a pic of your work outfit with your Blackberry in the morning. These fashionistas take great photos (or know someone who does) and, most importantly, have impeccable senses of style. Continue reading

by Zawezome on Flickr

We recently reached an epiphany about fashion: we don’t like a lot of our clothes. Since we probably won’t move to a Christian nudist colony (yes, there are such things), we decided to start buying clothes that we actually do like.

Being cheapskates, our shopping habits consisted of hitting the discount stores like Ross and TJ Maxx, or secondhand stores like Goodwill and Plato’s Closet, in hopes of finding something that we like, that fits, and that doesn’t have the armpits worn out. Continue reading

WonderwashToday is the final day of our self-imposedĀ 8-Week Wonderwash Challenge!

When the Wonderwash arrived, we decided to use it exclusively for 8 weeks so that it would pay for itself. Things were running quite smoothly after Week 3 when I last updated our readers.

Week 4 and Week 5 were pleasantly uneventful. I must admit though, we fell off the Wonderwash wagon big time during Week 6 and Week 7 (covering face in shame).

Week 6 was my birthday. And in my mind, I deserved a break from the Wonderwash. Instead of spending my few child-free seconds of the day cranking a handle and wringing out clothes, I decided to do something crazy. I washed my hair!

And then Cool Newbie got an upset stomach, which caused a pile of poopy PJs. And then one night, Cool Baby’s bladder let loose in his sleep. It got to the point where even if we did 5 Wonderwash loads, that pesky damp laundry would overtake every door and doorknob in the apartment.

Cool Dad did $18 worth of laundromat laundry as a birthday present to me during Week 6. Thanks, Cool Dad! And when the blowouts ended last week, I spent another $7 at the laundromat while trying to hide Cool Baby’s eyes from the violent Spanish soap operas people were watching. This week, Week 8, we were back on and hope to keep it up!

My final thoughts on the Wonderwash: It’s a water-conserving, time-saving alternative to the laundromat. I had no problems using the machine and will continue to use it.

My biggest problems came during the drying process:

1. If the bathroom window isn’t open while hang-drying, the clothes get a slight mildew smell. Yuck.
2. Sometimes the clothes feel stiff until we throw them up into the air to fluff them.
3. Even though the drying rack full of clothes can be moved out of the shower and back in again easily, it still kinda stinks to have that valuable tub/shower space taken up.
4. Big or thick items like sheets and comforters aren’t easy to dry (duh).

And the biggest problem of all….


Whew, I feel better now.