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photo: Val Entertainment on Flickr

I missed my home church in NYC, Trinity Grace Church, but had a great time visiting a different church every week in Orlando over Christmas break. It is fascinating to see how different congregations worship the same God in their services.

Here are highlights from each of the visits:

Christ Church Orlando

I arrived late and left early, and it was their Christmas play, but really appreciated the short videos where members of the congregation shared personal stories of God’s power.  Continue reading

I’m honored that my post about Sunday Ibok resonated with his friends and helped people get to know him a little. I wanted to portray the Sunday that we knew, and because of the consistency of his love, our friendship with him mirrored many others’.

Yesterday morning, three days after he was declared brain dead, Sunday was removed from life support and died shortly after. Our hearts ache for his family and his friends everywhere.

Kristen Ball wrote this gorgeous poem to commemorate Sunday.

His absence leaves a vast hole in our church, and the world, really, by the looks of the comments from his 2500+ Facebook friends. In my own small way, I want to shine brighter now that Sunday’s light is gone. This means being more proactive about spending time with people, encouraging them, ensuring that they know what they mean to me, and just making fun memories. It wouldn’t hurt me to dress a little smarter, too.

The last tweet/Facebook status that he posted was a one-word declaration: “Faithful!” I think God would agree and has told you as much, Sunday.

Jeff Rogers created this stunning piece to honor his friend with his art.

This print is available for sale now, with all profits going to help Sunday’s family cover the medical expenses.

Rest in peace and love, Sunday Ibok. A life so well lived.

On Saturday, we decided to flee the wrath of Hurricane Irene and head west. It turns out that while NYC was mainly spared damage, the outlying areas took a hit – downed trees, flooding, and extensive power outages. Thankfully, we landed safely into the home of friends.

Here’s a moment from church yesterday that I was fortunate to capture. WARNING: This video is insanely sweet and may not be appropriate for those allergic to extreme cuteness.