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This past weekend, we attended a retreat in the Poconos with our church. We were excited about getting some time in the mountains (we’d never been to the Poconos) as well as bonding with our church family. We were also thrilled about Childcare.

Our church set up several sessions of Childcare so parents could attend sessions and meetings. We thought it was the coolest: drop the boys off with people we know and trust, and the boys play with their friends and a bunch of toys we’d never buy for them ourselves. It’s win-win, and we could not stop singing the praises of Childcare. And Jesus.  Continue reading

I’ve tried to teach the Cool Bros well. When someone does something nice for you, you say Thank you. When someone tells you Thank you, you say You’re welcome. I need to practice what I preach.

A friend posted this on Twitter:

I am guilty beyond measure. When someone thanks me, I’ll spit out a No problem! or a Sure thing! I might even lame out with a You bet! but rarely a simple and appropriate You’re welcome.

I think this condition started because of my band, Six Days From Sunday. We led music at various churches, camps, youth retreats, college retreats, and pet retreats across the country. When leading music, we guided the audience to think about and honor God, not to entertain. The thought of entertaining the crowd was actually a bad thing, that we were distracting people from focusing on God.

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It was only 10 in the morning, but our Saturday was already a productive one. Our landlord had just come by with a family who was interested in our apartment. (Yes, we’re moving. Again. For the eighth time in the last 4 years. More on that later.)

Now, I was crowing to Cool Mum that we were going to get SO MUCH done the rest of the day. We’d gather up unwanted clothes to take to Salvation Army. We’d buy packing tape from Target and assemble our moving boxes. Then we’d put stuff into those moving boxes. It was going to be a day of responsible and satisfying work. The Cool Fam hopped in the car to get started. Continue reading