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It’s 19º degrees in New York City! BRR! But we’re making do in the 50s right now in Florida, looking at a Christmas high of 75. I sent Cool Mum and the Bros down on a plane last week, and then made the solo drive from NYC to Florida last weekend.

Highlights of the 20-plus hours on the road included stopping for lunch at a popular roast beef place outside of Baltimore and having lunch with the guy I asked a recommendation from. And then I made a waffle at the motel’s breakfast bar for some fellow New Yorkers making the drive. And then there was the time I stopped at Zaxby’s as a welcome meal to the South. Basically I’m food-obsessed.

Which will make this an excellent Christmas as we split meals between the two sets of Cool Grandparents.

Here’s wishing a Merry and Blessed Christmas to all Cool Readers, every one!

We’re pulling our traditional double duty in Florida right now, enjoying quality family time in the warm weather. Over the last few days, we doubled our caloric intake in case a freak blizzard snowed us under at home. Or maybe it was because there are 154 times as many Chick fil-As in the state of Florida (154) as there are in New York (1). Continue reading