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While working at my favorite coffeeshop today, I’m throwing glances over to the counter, to the dome of glass that sheltered what was a half-loaf of chocolate banana bread when I got here. With AM turned to PM, there might be a slice left. It’s hard to tell since the remnant has fallen facedown on the plate without its siblings to lean on, resigned to its fate. I really want to eat it, but I’m resisting because of my dang spare tire.  Continue reading


We love NYC, but there are definitely things about Florida that we miss. Our family and friends. The temperate February weather. Chick fil-A.

And how deeply do we miss those massive whirring, banging, leaking boxes of metal: our washer and dryer.

When we lived in a 3-bedroom house with a washer and dryer in the garage, I never realized how good we had it. Even though the occasional black widow would be hiding behind our washing machine, I look back upon laundry times with utter fondness.

That’s because none of the 8 apartments that we’ve occupied in NYC have had laundry. For a year and a half, we carried back-breaking bags of clothes to and from the laundromat. For the 6 months that we lived in the Cool One-Bedroom, we also lugged those loads up and down 4 flights of stairs.

Our friend gave us a granny cart last year, and that helped tremendously. The task was still hard, especially in cold or wet weather.

Once Newbie started blowing out his diapers with regularity (and how regular he is!), something had to give. As much as CM loved the social aspects of laundromats, we couldn’t go as much as needed, so CM turned to her superpower, online research.

And she may have found our answer in the form of the WonderWash. It’s a portable, hand-powered washing machine that is made to fit in small places. It was only 40-something bucks on Amazon, so we ordered it, along with some other accessories.

This could be a real gamechanger. Stay tuned as we find out just how wonderful the WonderWash can be.

photo: muffet

I’m in Florida for the weekend to see U2 in Tampa and spend time with family and good friends. And CHICK FIL-A. I’m scheduled to have it in about 23.27 minutes, but who’s counting?

As we’re 13 months into our move to NYC and my search for direction in life and I meet people from all different religious, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds, I ponder the deep transcendental questions of life, like If I could eat at only one fast-food restaurant for the rest of my life, which would it be? Ok, so I’m a little food-obsessed.

My quick answer to this question might surprise you. It’s not Chick fil-A, unless I suddenly start jonesing for heart surgery. It’s Subway. I’ve heard more than a few people call Subway gross, but here are a three reasons why I would choose to Eat Fresh for the rest of my life:


Subway offers flavors from around the world, like Italian (BMT, Meatball Marinara), Asian (Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki), Germany (Black Forest Ham), and the States (Philly Cheese Steak). Tastes from Russia (Beet Salad) and the Philippines (BTT [Beef Tripe and Tomato]) have gotta be around the corner.


This is sadly where Chick fil-A loses out. I have to go fried every time I go there. It’s almost not right to get a regular sandwich. And even on the rare occasion that I go grilled, waffle fries are a must. If you disagree, please take this time to repent.

Subway has healthy options, and I actually like them, like the Turkey Breast and Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki. If I feel like indulging myself, I can go for a chocolate chip cookie or seven.

It also helps that unlike most fast-food places, they make your food right in front of you every time.


At $5.00 for several footlong subs, I can afford to eat there on more than just birthdays. And they’re everywhere.


If I put more thought into it, I might choose a nicer sandwich place like Quizno’s or Firehouse Subs. I haven’t eaten at them enough to be familiar with their offerings. And again for health reasons, I think that I would go with a sandwich place over burgers, Mexican, pizza, etc. If I felt like having something a little more elaborate, then I could always make it at home.

So, with no disrespect toward favorites like CFA, Chipotle, and Backyard Burger, I would choose Subway if I only had one fast-food option from now on.

If you could eat at only one fast-food restaurant for the rest of your life, which would it be?