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Cool Fam on Governors IslandThis morning looked rainy. I almost stayed home. Instead, I took the kids to Central Park, where Cool Baby won a food-making contest in front of hundreds of onlookers!

Almost exactly three years ago, we almost stayed home. Our plans of Cool Dad interning in NYC fell through a few weeks before we were supposed to move. But we moved anyway. We didn’t stay home, even though all the common sense in the world would have told us to.

While it’s too overwhelming to think of all the richness of adventures (a major family value around here) of the past three years that we would have missed out on, I feel that I should make a record of just one week in the life of the Cool Fam. Just to say thank you to God for giving us this dream of living in NYC and providing a way to do it. And to think we almost stayed home… Continue reading


The weather just might be turning a corner around here. Yesterday was the clearest and warmest day yet, so we spent some time in Central Park.  Here’s a pic of the Cool Bros with a nice hat on Newbie.

And Cool Baby provides a little narration.

And did you think that we would let the Rebecca Black “Friday” meme slip by without a mention? Of course not.