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Last night, I attended the annual benefit gala for the American Institute for Stuttering (AIS), the non-profit that I worked for. This was gala #3 for me. Here are a couple of photos from the first one:


Emily Blunt was honored at that gala for her accomplishments after growing up with a debilitating stutter. Her then-kinda-under-wraps beau John Krasinski attended, and we sideswiped him for a pic as he headed to the sushi table.

From the second gala: Continue reading


Faded Youth Blog featured legendary supermodel Elle Macpherson after she was spotted taking her kids to school. The blog grants her the title of “Cool Mom,” so Cool Mum and I checked how CM is doing with respect to the 6-time Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover model. We’re not sure how this will pan out, but CM held her own against Jennifer Garner.


Elle is strutting in ripped jeans to sport a vintage look. CM prefers a clean, uniform, form-fitting look to her jeans. I think she calls them jeggings? [-2 cool points]


CM has the same daily routine as Elle, minus the strolling through London, dropping the kids off at a nice (likely) private school, and changing out of one’s PJs. [-3 cool points]


Through her work as a supermodel and a savvy businesswoman, Elle has amassed assets in the neighborhood of £60 million. At first we thought that we might catch her someday.

Then we realized that £ stands for British pounds (worth $1.60) and not Zimbabwe Dollars (worth $0.000276). Financial typography fail. [– 3 cool points]


Elle Macpherson is known as “The Body,” not a bad nickname for a swimsuit model. Cool Mum is known as “mine.” [+20 cool points]


In our unending quest to stay relevant and cool, we need help staying up on what’s cool – like who we should be watching, where we should be eating, and what we should be wearing. Hence, the urgent need for the Cool Duel.

This feature is not to be confused with the previous blog game in which readers submitted their weekend activities, and everyone voted to see who had the coolest weekend. That blog game went by the name of the Cool Duel. Oh, I guess that is confusing. Anyway, they are not to be confused.

So in the new Cool Duel, we’ll pose two of whatever, and you tell us which one is cooler and why. Let’s start with two Hollywood stars who share a curious connection: Brad Pitt.

Who’s cooler:  Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie?