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It all began in college. Cool Dad and I both loved living in the dorms. Getting to live with random friends and strangers, in a building full of hundreds of pre-career people your age, and the new freedom of being an adult on your own? Are you kidding me?!

Well, college ended and you still couldn’t drag us away. If we couldn’t attend college anymore, at least we could work there. And that is what we did. Our first apartment as a married couple was immediately across the street from campus, near some fraternity houses. When we looked out our window on a Saturday morning, we saw a few participants of the “walk of shame.” We could also walk to Leonardo’s By the Slice or stroll among the brick buildings or join the rush of students between classes anytime we wanted. And Cool Dad’s rock band was still in full swing.  Continue reading

It’s time to spill the beans. Despite Cool Mum’s shrewdly veiled blog post for my birthday, the word going around discussion forums and nursing homes everywhere is that Cool Dad is now 35 years old.

Okay, it’s true: I’m 35, but who was it that said that Life begins at 35! and 35 is the coolest age yet, and you’re not an irrelevant fogey who needs to start Yelping the best Early Bird Specials in the neighborhood? (I think it was me, on my birthday.) Continue reading

I wish that I could report that we had an ultra-cool New Years Eve like partying with celebrities or on the moon. Instead, we put the kids down around 7, Cool Mum watched a movie with her mom while I played on the iPad, and the Cool ‘Rents went to bed at 10:30. [-5 cool points] We woke up relieved to see that the world had not screeched to a halt due to an unexpected Y2K12 bug.

Before I plow ahead with another year of questionable ideas and immature jokes (chicken butt), I wanted to take a quick look at 2011 and see if I could come up with an overall personal theme (I’m not speaking for CM here) to the year.  Continue reading