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In a recent interview, I described myself as a “jack of some trades.” Since moving to NYC to find a career, people have paid me to manage an office, shoot photos and video, hand out buttons and swag at events, conduct online marketing, write a short book series, manage social media, play music, write marketing copy, design websites and edit blogs.

All of these jobs had some degree of fulfillment, and for that I’m extremely grateful. But none of them were my dream job. Music comes close, but the travel would be too much, unless the rest of the Cool Fam could come with me.  Continue reading

You probably heard that LinkedIn was hacked the other day, and 6.5 million passwords were stolen and posted online. Sites like LeakedIn.org soon popped up where users could check if their password was compromised.

Well, BuzzFeed decided to use LeakedIn to peek inside the heads of LinkedIn users. They tried the most depressing phrases they could think of, ones that would be chosen only by people who were downright miserable with their job – and life. They published their findings in a post called “23 Leaked LinkedIn Passwords That Will Ruin Your Day.”

Some of the sad passwords that they found include

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In the summer of 2011, I’m pretty sure that I made social media history. I got a marketing internship with Yelp, which must’ve made me the oldest Internet intern EVER at the age of 34. In a field with CEOs in their 20s, I think that intern positions are most often given to middle schoolers, or at least college students like some of my fellow interns.

As part of my internship, I got the snazzy I * NY shirt that you see at the right. The shirt’s just for Yelp employees, and we wore it when we worked at events. The asterisk-looking symbol is the Yelp Burst, a part of their logo.  Continue reading