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Last fall, we got our first taste of being part of the BlogHer community when I attended the BlogHer Writers Conference. Being one of a couple of guys among 250 women wasn’t a big deal. We’ll see what size deal it is this weekend because I’m jumping in for the Whole EnchiladHer: BlogHer 2012 in New York City.

It’ll be me and a few other dudes joining the 4,000 women congregating in Midtown to celebrate blogging and life from a distinctively female perspective. On Friday, I’m going by myself to network and attend sessions to learn how to blog betHer. (That night, Cool Mum and I are slipping into New Jersey to see Coldplay.)  Continue reading

In my years of observation from an outside perspective, it seems that Cool People know about stuff. Like if you mention something, they don’t scratch their heads with a “HUH?” They know what you’re talking about and just nod coolly.

And when Cool People talk to each other, they use cool things like nicknames and acronyms because they know what they’re talking about and don’t have to explain every little thing.

I’ve long touted AWSC as an acronym for this blog, just like a Cool Person would. I doubted there would be any confusion; how many AWSCs could there be? Google gave me the answer: a lot.

Our little blog is basically nowhere to be found in a Google search for ‘AWSC’. Maybe I should jump ship to one of these other AWSC websites.  Continue reading

There are 8 million people in New York City, which makes this stuff boggle my simple mind. My mom and aunt are visiting this week, and while chillin’ in Central Park yesterday, Cool Grandmum struck up a conversation with a woman nearby. CG talked about why she’s visiting the city, which of course led to a discussion on little ol’ me. Continue reading