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It was August 2002, and our band played at a summer camp near Toronto. It was a blast: the people were kind, the nature around us – the lake-spotted forest – was gorgeous, and everyone was locked in when we led the music.

My fashion choices were a blast, too, as in, “Blast! What was I thinking??” I wish someone would’ve advised me to 86 that medium/large 86 shirt that’s hanging off of me. Not sure what my fashion-forward friends would say, but I was digging the leather-braided necklace. My friend gave it to me. Continue reading

originally posted on my personal site ericcorpus.com

For the past 10 years, I’ve traveled the country and overseas doing the worship-leading thing. From tiny churches to cavernous auditoriums, portable 3-piece sound systems to production rigs hauled in a convoy of trucks – I feel like I’ve seen and done a lot.

With all those years and songs under my belt, sometimes I have a hard time focusing on God during the musical worship portion of events. During church, I find my mind dwelling on what’s happening onstage instead of what’s happening in front of God’s throne. It can be the music or the performance or the production. It doesn’t take a lot to dislodge my attention.

Fortunately, I can confess my wandering thoughts here. The first of what I’m sure will be many things that distract me during worship:


Misspellings drive me a bit batty. Almost any major software application comes with spell check. After some quick Googling, I found that popular programs like Powerpoint, Keynote, MediaShout, and SundayPlus all have it. (not sure about EasyWorship)

My personality has several facets that cause misspellings to take my eyes off of the King:

  • I’m a geek who knows how easy it is to spell check a document.
  • I’ve seen hundreds of presentations with perfect spelling. They all figured it out, why can’t everyone?
  • I was the 8th grade spelling champion of my county, which had one whole middle school.

So when the screen prompts me to sing about the “Amazng Grace” of God, or how Christ is my “righteousnes,” or lifting up the name of “Jeezus” (ok, maybe not that bad), I get sidetracked.

How often do you see misspellings in the onscreen lyrics during worship?


Ever since I picked up a guitar in high school, I wanted to be in a band. It was a dream of mine. In my 4th year of college, God made that dream a reality. And 11 years later, we are still together (but I’m not referring to Cool Dad Crew).

We are six days from Sunday, and I play lead guitar. My band bros are Robert Privette (acoustic/vocals), Paul Privette (bass/vocals), Jeremy Jester (drums), and Chris Privette (rhythm/aux). The most fitting bio for us is:

Five guys who consistently prove the existence of God because there’s no other reason why so many people would like us.

God has done a lot with this little band. He’s blessed many people through our music over the years; we only know that because they told us so. Because of the band, I met Cool Mum, and my cool drummer met his cool wife. One of our songs was played at a funeral in Wisconsin because the deceased loved it so much.

We’ve done the obligatory touring around US in a busted beat-up Chevy Suburban. We’ve played in Canada and Europe a couple of times. We stepped foot into Mexico for about 30 minutes.

The hardest part about leaving Florida was leaving the band behind. I’ll always have my family, and we see each other now as much as we did before The Move. But gone are the road trips, last-minute gigs, and Spirit-filled jam sessions where songs were borne from riffs.

I praise God that while I left the band in Florida, I haven’t left the band. Since moving, I’ve flown down a few times to play events. And I just booked plane tickets to a camp in Colorado that we’re doing in a few weeks. I talk with them on a regular basis and do some freelance work with our lead singer.

But enough boring Cool Dad talking, let’s hear some playing! First, you can stream our last album Bigger Than We Are on Last.fm. It’s rock – sometimes mellow, sometimes raw, hopefully sometimes cool.

And for video lovers, here’s our rendition of ‘How Great is Our God’ that we did last year at a camp in Pennsylvania. This is just my camcorder perched on the balcony, but the audio is OK. I’m a little biased in that this is my favorite version of the song, and it just might be God’s, too.

So, that’s six days from Sunday. It’s hard to envision a time when we won’t be a band, but it’ll happen someday. But beyond that, I believe that we’ll always be friends. I’m glad that you could meet them, and you’ll probably see them again soon. Rock on!