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20120413-134437.jpgYes, Cool Readers, we want a huge family and we want it as soon as possible! My Lent break from the usual Facebook and email activity left me with some pretty clear perspectives on this.

Check out my Post-Lent Rant:

  • I’m sick of letting 80% of my conversations come through Facebook and email.
  • I’m sick of looking to the iPad to sing songs with me and speak truth over my life.
  • I’m sick of praying by myself too much as if my relationship with God has nothing to do with others.
  • I’m sick of learning and hearing stories from books or online rather than in person.
  • I’m sick of pretending I can do everything myself.
  • I’m sick of being thought of only in the roles of wife and mother.
  • I’m sick of letting my interior thoughts become a god.
  • I’m sick of being a cold, uncompassionate person who never cries.

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