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The Cool Parents have been married for 10 years! Our anniversary was last Friday, and it was such raucous merriment that it took me a week to recover enough just to report back to you.

Of course, the big one-oh calls for celebrating BIG. Maybe a trip to stroll the Champs-Élysées. Or a jaunt to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef. If long-distance travel isn’t feasible, you at least have to get out of town. A long weekend in a mountainside cabin or an out-of-the-way bed and breakfast would be nice.

Or if you want to be like us (which I hardly recommend), spend the night at a friend’s place with your two kids in the room, and your friends and their three kids asleep in the rest of the apartment. An example of close-knit community? Yes. A romantic getaway befitting a decade of marriage? Not really. But that’s life in the Cool Fam.  Continue reading


Nine years ago, our friend took this picture of us. Clever Cool Readers will deduce that it was after our wedding and see that the weather took an odd turn toward light showers of rose petals. Here’s the story of our wedding if you’re the wedding story type.

Today, we’re celebrating our ninth wedding anniversary with our favorite pizza on the Upper East Side, much frozen yogurt and fresh toppings, and lots of smiles and laughing. Happy Anniversary to us!