This is Are We Still Cool?, our blog that started out as a funny look at whether we were still cool after having a baby. But after three and a half years — including a slightly illogical move to New York City, the birth of our second child, and living in one bedroom of an apartment with roommates — this blog now tells the story of our lives, including parenting, work, struggles, and dreams.

We are Cool Dad (Eric Corpus), Cool Mum (Laura Corpus), Cool Baby Boy (Noah Corpus), and Cool Newbie (Micah Corpus). We have the nicknames because we started the blog anonymously, but eventually revealed our identities. The names stuck.

To catch you up on the story, here is a selection of our nearly 600 posts. If you like what you see, please subscribe to us, follow us on Twitter, and like us on our Facebook page!


JUL 12 – Cool Mum lists her favorite baby products. Cool Baby is six weeks old.

NOV 28 – Cool Dad worries because CB starts crawling


JUL 23 – CD announces the move to New York City

AUG 29 – An update from the day of the move

AUG 31 – CM is falling in love with the Upper East Side

NOV 27 – How we moved to NYC, part 1

DEC 1 – How we moved to NYC, part 2

DEC 17 – How we moved to NYC, part 3


MAR 13 – CM praises living in a studio apartment with a toddler

APR 16 – We reveal our identities

APR 17 – How we got into New York Magazine

MAY 30 – A video tour of our studio apartment

AUG 28 – Our first year in NYC in pictures

DEC 17 – How we moved to NYC, part 4

DEC 18 – How we moved to NYC, part 5

DEC 30 – The rest of our NYC story, part 1


JAN 18 – The rest of our NYC story, part 2

FEB 2 – Announcing the return of LOST and something much bigger

APR 5 – A tour of our new apartment, the Cool Duplex (video)

APR 13 – The story behind the Cool Duplex

JUN 15 – CD announces his new brown shoes and something else

JUN 22 – Meet Cool Newbie

JULY 23 – An update on our squished life as a family of four

NOV 25 – CD loses his job


JAN 24 – CD on leaving the Upper East Side after 2 years

FEB 2 – How CD lost his job

If you read all of that, you totally deserve a badge or something. All we can offer is our thanks for joining our story. We’ll see you in the comments!

3 notes on “Story

  1. Whitney Jones

    It was truly a blessing for me, receiving the opportunity to work with Noah at VBS. Meeting ‘Cool Mom’ and seeing her love for her children, was heart warming. You both exceed the term ‘genuine’, as individuals and as parents. Nashville would love to have you visit, and possibly attend our VBS next summer. Just an idea, maybe it would be a great addition to your blog for Summer 2012!

    1. Cool Mum

      The kids had a blast! Thanks for coming up! Now if I could just get the ‘yes to vbs’ song out of my head…


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