During our recent anniversary lunch, Cool Mum and I reminisced about all of the homes we’ve had during our marriage. It took most of our lunch date to reconstruct the timeline.

In all, we’ve lived in 12 places over the 13 years of the Cool Marriage. And that doesn’t include the 12 or so places we stayed for anywhere from one night to a month when we had no place to call our own.

In chronological order with a rough estimate of size, we’ve lived in:

1. A 400 sq ft one bedroom, Gainesville, FL


A cozy starter place across the street from the UF campus. A family member may or may not have cried after seeing how cozy the apartment was. We were there a year.  Continue reading


We got family portraits taken this past weekend. I haven’t shared any of those photos, but I posted this shot of us taking the subway to Brooklyn after the shoot. Apparently, walking through the rain didn’t put a damper on Cool Mum and Boy’s photogenic star power.

I shared this photo on Facebook, and it may be my most liked post ever, pulling in 88 likes. That’s probably small potatoes for most, but it’s a lot for an infrequent Facebooker like myself.

If you look closely, you can even see a Cool Newbie photobomb!

M’lady, m’boy.

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Yesterday marked 13 years of the Cool Marriage! Here’s a snapshot from the wedding video, which we watched with the Cool Bros last night.

On the blessed day, Cool Mum was about to turn 22, and I was 25. I wonder what the 2002 editions of ourselves would think if they knew what they were really getting into, including:

  • Cross-country band trips in an un-air-conditioned truck
  • Unfairly cheap trips to Europe
  • Buying a house and its requisite yard work
  • Having a baby
  • Leaving everything to try NYC
  • Staying here
  • Living in tiny apartments
  • Living with roommates
  • Losing my job
  • Having another baby
  • Floating around Florida for half-a-year not knowing where we should live
  • Committing to NYC
  • A lot more moving

On one hand, it’s hard to believe 13 years have flown by. But as we recount the plot twists in the story, in a way it doesn’t seem like enough. Regardless, I pray for many more with my cool, beautiful bride at my side.