As I perused my news feed, I did a double take when I saw a friend’s name in one of the headlines. Then I realized her name was a common one, and she shared it with a reality TV personality. I guess there are worse public figures with which to share a name; just ask our auto insurance rep, Osama Bin Stalin. Continue reading

One drawback of living in the concrete jungle of New York City is that much of that concrete was poured at the expense of grass. The outdoors fun in the video above is all but impossible here. (I guess you’d need a long, gradual slope, too.) Watching these racers fly gets my adrenaline going with a Liz Lemon-style longing of wanting to “go to there.” But I wonder if I actually went to there whether I’d have the guts to sit in a kart and push off down the hill.  Continue reading

We Are Back.

In my continual quest to grow the profile of this blog, I’m trying a new tack: writing posts.

Yes, there’s been a nearly four-month hiatus, but I have my reasons. Though instead of relay every turn and dip of the roller coaster that has been the span between August 16 and today, I’ll leave that story for the book.

The satisfaction from writing in this space again is matched by the joy of unveiling our new blog design. The last design, with the green header banner, was short-lived at only 6–8 months. The main aesthetic flaw in that design was that never really liked it.

This one, I hope, is sleeker with more substance. The contrast between the dark and light sections of the page, along with the photos, seems to add depth. It feels more polished. Now I just need to keep it filled with fresh words.