We are in the middle of the joys of moving – so joyous that we’ve done it about 10 times in the past five and a half years – but I’d be remiss to not tell you that today is Cool Boy’s birthday!

My best buddy is 7 years old today, and we’ve celebrated his special day with some of the best experiences nearby national chains have to offer.

This morning, CB and I enjoyed a Daddy-Buddy breakfast at IHOP. Then, while I worked, Cool Mum took the Cool Bros and a friend to Chuck E. Cheese. I even joined the singing of “Happy Birthday” over the phone. My extra voice was needed as Chuck E. Cheese couldn’t sing due to a “sore throat.”

Anyhow, back to moving. Feel free to leave your birthday wishes for Cool Boy below!


Jim Gaffigan has a great bit about how we take way too many photos. I could describe it to you, but I’ll let the big-time comedian share it himself.

I’m guilty on two counts, stockpiling photos and videos. Instead of tossing old computers in my closet, I’m hoarding something nerdier: old external hard drives. I have at least six, and at least three of them have media files that the others don’t. One has our wedding video, another a bunch of old band trips, a third our first days in New York.

It’s a mess, so I’ve been toiling the last couple of nights to consolidate all these memories. A roadblock in this archiving process is that the only place I can set up my computer all these hard drives is our dinner table, where we happen to eat breakfast and lunch, too.

So unless I want almond milk splattering on my screen, I have to take apart and reassemble the setup every time I want to work on it, which cuts down number of times I want work on it.

Help me out. How do you store all the photos/videos you take?