Jim Gaffigan has a great bit about how we take way too many photos. I could describe it to you, but I’ll let the big-time comedian share it himself.

I’m guilty on two counts, stockpiling photos and videos. Instead of tossing old computers in my closet, I’m hoarding something nerdier: old external hard drives. I have at least six, and at least three of them have media files that the others don’t. One has our wedding video, another a bunch of old band trips, a third our first days in New York.

It’s a mess, so I’ve been toiling the last couple of nights to consolidate all these memories. A roadblock in this archiving process is that the only place I can set up my computer all these hard drives is our dinner table, where we happen to eat breakfast and lunch, too.

So unless I want almond milk splattering on my screen, I have to take apart and reassemble the setup every time I want to work on it, which cuts down number of times I want work on it.

Help me out. How do you store all the photos/videos you take?

We stayed in a motel in Alexandria, Va. this weekend, and Cool Newbie was obsessed with the phone. The contraption was nothing like Daddy’s mostly forbidden miracle calling device that offers endless rounds of Angry Birds and Angry Birds Star Wars. The push-button phone with a handset has been relegated to toy status, and, while he knew it was the real thing, he still felt some entitlement to it.

The wireless internet went out at one point, so I called the front desk to let them know. The clerk said he would reset the router. Then Newbie looked at me with eager eyes and said, “I want to call the front desk.”


“I want to thank him for pressing the button,” echoing my answer that the front desk man was fixing the internet by “pressing a button.”

At first I didn’t want to bother the desk clerk. But then I figured we should seize this little opportunity to give him a fun, little story to tell.

I dialed ’0′ again and told the young man who answered that the internet was working again. I then added, “Oh, and um, my three-year-old wanted to tell you something.”


Cool Newbie cradled the receiver in his hands and held it up to his face.

“Thank you for my fixing my daddy’s computer. (pause) Okay, bye.”

So. Sweet. I guess we’re doing something right some of the time with Newbie.

Lily and Madeliene

The eve of April 30 was one of those most holy of holidays, Date Night. Living in the North Bronx has cut us off from many of our babysitting options, so a Date Night that works out logistically comes along about as often as an equinox. (Okay, there are only two equinoxes a year, so maybe we have more Date Nights than that. Maybe.)

This latest Date Night we went to Joe’s Pub, a small venue in the Public Theater, to see Indianapolis sister duo Lily & Madeleine. I was tipped off to the act by our friend Polina in Indy, so I got tickets soon after they went on sale in January.

To be honest, we didn’t commit to listening to their self-titled debut until a few days before the show, but it quickly got stuck in my head for most of the time leading up to the show. It’s melodic folk-pop with the solid harmonies you expect from siblings.

Recently I started playing Lily & Madeleine while writing, which is unique for me because I normally prefer wordless songs as I work. I find them that creative and chill.

Here’s a portion of their song “Devil We Know.” I wish I would’ve gotten the whole song, but I didn’t want to be that guy who held his phone up the whole song (though I’ve been that guy many times before.)

For a more proper intro to Lily & Madeleine, here’s their NPR Tiny Desk Concert.