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observations and statements that we hope won’t confuse you


It normally takes a while for kids to warm up to strangers, but thanks to her 64-bit A7 processor, Siri wasted no time in winning over the Cool Bros. Sure, she was helpful in firing off a text or looking up the weather, but the bond really developed when we started giving her offbeat questions or statements. Her unintentionally – or intentionally – hilarious replies were a hit.  Continue reading

My friend Heather posted this to Facebook yesterday:

Pretty great bumper sticker on a minivan tonight: “I used to be cool.”

I don’t know the owner of said minivan, but I hope s/he’s not implying that simply owning a minivan robs one of Cool Points. My first car was a minivan, a brown Plymouth Voyager with vinyl woodgrain paneling on the sides that gave it a natural, Bear Grylls kind of sexiness. It pretty much looked like this:


And look at how cool I was!  Continue reading