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faith: the coolest adventure of all


Yesterday marked 13 years of the Cool Marriage! Here’s a snapshot from the wedding video, which we watched with the Cool Bros last night.

On the blessed day, Cool Mum was about to turn 22, and I was 25. I wonder what the 2002 editions of ourselves would think if they knew what they were really getting into, including:

  • Cross-country band trips in an un-air-conditioned truck
  • Unfairly cheap trips to Europe
  • Buying a house and its requisite yard work
  • Having a baby
  • Leaving everything to try NYC
  • Staying here
  • Living in tiny apartments
  • Living with roommates
  • Losing my job
  • Having another baby
  • Floating around Florida for half-a-year not knowing where we should live
  • Committing to NYC
  • A lot more moving

On one hand, it’s hard to believe 13 years have flown by. But as we recount the plot twists in the story, in a way it doesn’t seem like enough. Regardless, I pray for many more with my cool, beautiful bride at my side.

photo: Lachlan Donald/Flickr

photo: Lachlan Donald/Flickr

I recently filmed our friends’ wedding, and I thought it would be cool to interview them beforehand for sound bites. They’re quite young, but they displayed a wisdom at an age when my mental energies were squarely focused on mastering WWF War Zone. To paraphrase the bride:

“We’re young and we’re both going to change a lot, but we’re going to change together.”

Change has been a hot topic between Cool Mum and me for the last year. Our thoughts on life and faith reached a point of dissonance, and trying to resolve that harmony has not been easy. For some couples, there might be a simple fix. For us, it’s been a trial. Continue reading

What Can I Say?

photo: halfrain/Flickr

photo: halfrain/Flickr

You know what’s ironic about the low frequency of posting recently? The last few months have seen the most game-changing, paradigm-shifting, dynamic-corporate-jargoning events in the Cool Fam’s life since Cool Newbie was born. And we’ve shared none of it with you. Oof.

I don’t know if it’s disillusionment with blogging or it’s that the changes are so significant and sudden that I don’t know how to begin encapsulating them into a post. It might be better to email the news to the friends who still track this blog.

But as I sit here in the wake of Cool Newbie wetting his bed at 1:30am (yes, 18-year-old Newbie as you’re reading this 14 years from now, I just told the world – or a small number of friends – you peed your PJs last night), I remember that I love writing in this WordPress rich text editor.

Anyway, I just wanted to chime in, even if to just defibrillate this blog. I have to things to say. Funny, interesting, weird, and some kind of deep things. Who wants to read them?