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We Are Back.

In my continual quest to grow the profile of this blog, I’m trying a new tack: writing posts.

Yes, there’s been a nearly four-month hiatus, but I have my reasons. Though instead of relay every turn and dip of the roller coaster that has been the span between August 16 and today, I’ll leave that story for the book.

The satisfaction from writing in this space again is matched by the joy of unveiling our new blog design. The last design, with the green header banner, was short-lived at only 6–8 months. The main aesthetic flaw in that design was that never really liked it.

This one, I hope, is sleeker with more substance. The contrast between the dark and light sections of the page, along with the photos, seems to add depth. It feels more polished. Now I just need to keep it filled with fresh words.

When we started this blog, things were so simple. It was me (Cool Dad), Cool Mum, and Cool Baby, and we all knew who was who. Then our second child came along and a situation developed, in addition to the one where the four of us were sleeping in one bedroom.

The problem was: We already had a Cool Baby, so what would we call the new kid? One logical step would’ve been to name him something like Cool Baby II, since he’s our second baby, and rename Cool Baby, seeing as he was already 3 years old. Cool Mum was a proponent of this move.

However, being the sentimental type and insisting that CB would always be my baby, I wanted CB to hold on to his moniker. Thus, Cool Newbie was born (literally).

Now, there’s just chaos. How are new readers supposed to know that CB is actually a 4-year-old and that the real baby of the family is called Newbie? I think this quandary is the real reason that people are occupying Wall Street.

Fortunately, I’m not too proud to course-correct. So, I’ll now announce, at the risk of causing even more confusion, toppling foreign governments, and just throwing off the general vibe of the universe, that Cool Baby (4-year-old Noah) will now be known as Cool Boy.

(waits for the earth to split wide open)

(doesn’t happen)

(relieved because I just put up some shelves and I’d hate to have to do it again)

It all makes sense now. Cool Dad and Mum are still the dad and mum of the family. Cool Boy is the boy. Cool Newbie is the baby, until, er, he grows into a boy. This silly blog nickname stuff is hard.

New York Stock Exchange trading floorI don’t know if you follow social media, but we’re in the midst of an Internet boom. In May, LinkedIn had their IPO (initial public offering, where a company sells shares to the public for the first time), and the value of the site settled in at $7 BILLION. Its founder, Reid Hoffman, now has a cool ~$1.5 billion to his name.

The hot new IPOs around the corner are Groupon, the dominant daily deals site, and Zynga, the maker of popular Facebook games FarmVille and CityVille, each valued around $20 billion. And the doozy is coming later this year: Facebook, valued at $85 billion, possibly reaching $100 billion when it goes public this fall! Continue reading