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We’re always up for getting to know the Cool Readers better. As you probably figured, the name Are We Still Cool? refers to us wondering if we are still cool after having a baby. After telling folks that we were pregnant, it seemed like we kept hearing things like

  • Oh, do all the [insert fun activity that non-parents do] while you can!
  • Oh, so you guys are settling down?
  • Oh, your life is completely and utterly over. (maybe I misheard this one)

We were determined to not let our lives be completely and utterly over just yet. That happens when your kid starts dating, right? Even Johnson and Johnson’s well-meaning slogan,

Having a baby changes everything

can be taken the wrong way, as in,

We love our life as a young, energetic married couple that can stay out all night, sleep in all day with two incomes and complete freedom to do anything and go anywhere and wait a minute, we’re having a lot of fun, what are we doing, oh and the baby’s here and just peed in my eye.

In spite of the mounting case against us, we wanted to stay cool as new parents, so we started a blog about it.

What does the name of your blog mean?

In the vein of the usual hard-hitting, existential questions that we ask, here comes another doozy: Which chocolatey breakfast cereal do you like best?

  1. Cocoa Krispies
  2. Cocoa Pebbles
  3. Cocoa Puffs

Obviously, this ultra-deep question boils down to the differences between Krispies, Pebbles, and Puffs. The definitions of the cereal types were derived from seconds, nay even minutes devoted to making some stuff up in my head.

Krispies are the result of blasting rice grains with hot air, thus aerating them into the holey, “krisp” form. The hot air consists of 78% nitrogen, 20% oxygen, and 2% cocoa powder, giving the krispies their chocogoodness.

Pebbles come from an ancient Mayan quarry found in South America. This quarry is the only known source of cacao rocks. The rocks are pulverized by a large club wielded by a powerful baby named Bam-Bam, thus creating the beloved pebbles.

Puffs are produced by cuckoo birds that are fed only Hershey’s chocolate bars. The puffs are aged one year in hidden areas of shelves and pantries before being boxed for consumption, thus creating their crunchy texture, which seems contrary to their light, fluffy name.

Cool Mum prefers Cocoa Puffs. She likes their crunch, which stays crunchy in milk. I dislike soggy cereal as well, but I actually like Cocoa Pebbles the best. There’s something about their flavor – they seem to have a unique flavor as opposed to the Puffs or Krispies. It may be a South American thing, or the plastic bags in which they’re stored might just be made out of flavorful toxic chemicals.

Which do you like best: Cocoa Krispies, Pebbles, or Puffs?