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photo: Lefteris Pitarakis / AP

We now take a break from the drawn-out series on our Midwest road trip to talk about an actual hot topic: The Brand New British Royal Baby Boy. Honestly, my interest in the frenzy is at most surface level. Praise God for the miracle of life and another healthy baby brought into the world. Beyond that, I’m not really following the story of The Boy Who Would Be King But First Needs a Name.  Continue reading

I was a Christian rock guitarist, helping lead crowds to worship the Lord, in a past life. (I mean “in a past life” in the colloquial ‘a number of years ago’ sense, not the literal Eastern reincarnation sense.)

Signing autographs was always a weird ritual. We tried to be ministers more than rock stars, but signings are a must when you sell CDs and posters, which is a must when you want to put gas in the van, which is a must when you want to return home.  Continue reading

How Sad is Your City?

Men’s Health used a smattering of stats like suicide rates and unemployment rates to estimate the saddest cities in America.

Unfortunately, our home state of Florida claims three spots among the 10 saddest cities, with St. Petersburg frowning the most at #100. Maybe a lot of people get weirded out and saddened by the Salvador Dali Museum, which we happen to like. We’re also big fans of Mel’s Hot Dogs in Tampa, which is sulking at #97.

NYC, which most people peg as a volatile mix of angry, sad, and rude, is actually feeling OK at #39. Makes sense to me. I’m fine with a community that has a pizzeria within walking distance of virtually every home.

Where does your city fall on the list? Do you agree with it?