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the adventures of raising a Cool Baby


April 2009: Cool Boy, about to turn 2.

When we committed to try to stay cool after having a baby, our first big coolness decision was already before us: What to name Cool Boy. There were two perceived pressures that contributed to our choice:

1. We’re Christian, and I may or may not have read a Barna study suggesting that Christians are 83.6% more likely to judge you in their heart if your kid’s name doesn’t come from the Bible.

2. The popular trend in baby naming, which seemed to skew toward last names as firsts (Parker, Jackson, Stalin). Continue reading

When I was deciding whether to go to NYC, I asked Cool Newbie what he thought I should do.

CD: “Micah, should I leave?”
CN: “No.”

This was expected. I’m the family’s DJ for impromptu dance parties, and I provide valuable Lego building assistance. Unless I’m ending TV time or putting him into timeout, Newbie likes having me around. I explored his train of thought.

CD: “Why not?”
CN: “Because…you’re my daddy.”

I could’ve sworn someone was chopping onions. The way he said it – in his nasal, raspy voice – broke my heart. For him, it was simple: I’m his daddy; of course I shouldn’t go anywhere. Like, come on, Daddy…duh.

When my client meeting was scheduled in the city, the decision to go was easier. But I continue to ask him “Should I leave?” even if I’m not going anywhere. I just want to hear him say, “No…you’re my daddy,” a reminder of where I should be if ever I wonder.

Who wants to read a 3-week-old article about New Years resolutions? Well, what if I told you that we were featured with quotes on what our resolutions are? Okay…what if I Paypal you some money if you send me a screenshot of the article?

Well, I was joking about the Paypaling thing. (I’ve never used Paypal as a verb before. What an adventurous Monday!) But I was way serious about the Cool ‘Rents appearing in a fun article by Jacoba Urist on the TODAY Show website. In the article, Jacoba asked us about our individual resolutions for 2013. Read it here.

I admit that both of our resolutions have fallen flat only three weeks into the year. Maybe writing this blog post will be the kick in the pants I need to pick the resolution back up! Actually, no. This is the last sentence, and my pants remain unkicked.