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chasing a dream or something in the big city


Cool Newbie in Brooklyn Bridge Park, June 2013

When applying for my position as Oldest Social Media Intern Ever at Yelp, I had to create a Yelp account to show I could be proficient at all things Yelp. ‘Your Headline’ is part of a Yelp profile that at first seems like an afterthought, buried under 8 other fields on the form. But when you look at the public profile, it takes on an unanticipated prominence.


As you see, right under the heavily filtered profile pic of me in a fedora I bought from a street vendor in the East Village for $15 [-5 cool points] sits my headline.

“Turning life upside down on a regular basis”  Continue reading

cool-fam-gantry-state-parkThe Cool Fam is getting their summer plans together, which may include a trip or two west, and, if Cool Newbie gets his wish, to Super Why’s “Book Club” headquarters. Honestly, that sounds pretty fun except that I’d feel awkward socializing with Alpha Pig, knowing how much bacon I’ve consumed over the years.

What about you — any cool summer plans in the works? Specifically, are any Cool Readers visiting New York City, whether for fun, mission trip or representing your nation state at a U.N. General Assembly?