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things that we probably should have kept to ourselves

I was just going through our drafts, and I found this post that I wrote three years ago. Cool Mum didn’t want me to post it back then because it seemed too private. A lot has changed since then (like Cool Baby isn’t really a baby anymore). So, I’m going for it and publishing this post. CM was sure that no one would get it back then. I’m sure that no one will get it now:

I just finished Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. I’m not really a first-person shooter fan, but there was so much hype about MP3 that I had to try it out. The game was great: the graphics were impressive for the Wii and the controls were super-tight.

Just wanted to share a geek moment. When Baby started curling up on the changing table, I immediately thought of this:

This takes some geek knowledge to understand, so here’s a summary:

You’re probably scratching your head at all this, but maybe – just maybe – there’s that one geeked-enough parent who will get a chuckle out of this.

[-5 cool points for even posting this]

Life has been somewhat crazy and upside-down, but all in a good way. I’m waiting for the subway train to come, questioning myself because I’ve let a couple of local trains (that make every stop) pass by while waiting for an express train (makes only certain stops). I’ve been waiting so long that I think I made a mistake by letting all of those locals pass by.

My degree from the University of Florida is a bachelors in industrial engineering. One cornerstone of IE is efficiency – finding the most efficient ways to do tasks to save time and money. Though I realized about 3/4 of the way into the degree that it wasn’t my calling, efficiency is hard-wired into my personality.

I constantly question my decision-making, wondering if I could have done something better. As I type this on my phone (in order to maximize my commuting time), I’m weighing getting off to transfer to a local train, which will stop closer to my office, or staying on the express, which will get me a further stop faster.

At grocery stores, I scan the checkout lines and switch lines depending on variables like:

  • Number of customers
  • Volume of customers’ merchandise
  • Speed of cashier
  • Width of conveyor belt
  • Age of bar code scanner

OK, I’m not an engineer, so those last two aren’t true. But I really do watch for people who get in the other lines at the same time as me to see if they leave before I do.

Maybe I’m just trying to make the most of my time. Maybe I have mental issues. Maybe I’ll read some psychiatry journals on the pot to study up on it.

Are you an efficiency freak like me? What extremes do you go to?