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things that we probably should have kept to ourselves

I was just going through our drafts, and I found this post that I wrote three years ago. Cool Mum didn’t want me to post it back then because it seemed too private. A lot has changed since then (like Cool Baby isn’t really a baby anymore). So, I’m going for it and publishing this post. CM was sure that no one would get it back then. I’m sure that no one will get it now:

I just finished Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. I’m not really a first-person shooter fan, but there was so much hype about MP3 that I had to try it out. The game was great: the graphics were impressive for the Wii and the controls were super-tight.

Just wanted to share a geek moment. When Baby started curling up on the changing table, I immediately thought of this:

This takes some geek knowledge to understand, so here’s a summary:

You’re probably scratching your head at all this, but maybe – just maybe – there’s that one geeked-enough parent who will get a chuckle out of this.

[-5 cool points for even posting this]