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things that we probably should have kept to ourselves


November 2016 in Central Park

Well, Cool Readers, I hope this is the worst post you’ll ever read on this blog. Not the worst-written, though I ask for your understanding if it is. I just pray it doesn’t get any sadder than this.

Last week, I wrote an email and went through the contacts in my address book to curate recipients. I selected about 100, most of which I hadn’t written to in years. But at some point in time, the person on the other end of each email address had a meaningful relationship with the Cool Fam—a neighbor, a church friend, a coworker. I’m sure I missed a lot of people, too. Sorry about that. I’m sure you’ll understand. This is what I wrote:


Greetings from Brooklyn! I’ve been wanting to launch a newsletter to keep people updated on the comings and goings of the Corpus family. I never imagined it would start like this.

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that Laura, my wife of 16 years, has decided that she no longer wants to be married and has left our family. We are heartbroken. The boys are confused about how to feel about their mommy, whom they love but has chosen to not be with them.

There are countless details, but the focus now is that with the support of family and friends, I am praying for and working towards a life where Noah (10), Micah (7), Ezra (2), and I (over 30ish) will thrive.

If you’d like to help, let me know and I’ll share our practical needs. While this news is no longer tightly under wraps, I ask that you please not discuss it on social media, including messages on my Facebook feed.

Thank you for the friendship you have shown our family. It is the sustaining and healing love of God in our lives. We are grateful to Him for you.

With peace,

I’ve told the story so many times now that I can recite it quite unemotionally. But recording it here, in this beloved digital archive of our family, sure is making my eyes wet.

There’s so much to say. Maybe I’ll get around to saying it here. Maybe I’ll make videos, or start an Instagram, or move to the country and start a farm (“Pioneer Dad” is original, right?). I’ll definitely update the About page. And I won’t delete a post, because this is our history. It was real. It happened. It’s the story of Eric and Laura and Noah, who lived in a house in Gainesville, and were so freaked out by the blogosphere that we hid behind the pseudonyms Cool Dad, Cool Mum, and Cool Baby.

And then we moved to New York and published our names because we got into New York Magazine and wanted the props. Plus, this city swiftly teaches you that people don’t care to get in your business because they’re too wrapped up in their own.

And then we had Micah (Cool Newbie) and life got crazier and this blog pretty much dried up.

And then we had Ezra (Cool ???). I’d worked up a funny way of introducing him, but it just doesn’t seem so funny anymore. Timing is everything in comedy, right? (That’s Ezra in the middle up there. He’s two now and a hoot.)

And now Cool Mum is gone.

We are not alone in this. Last week’s email now has 70-something replies I need to answer. And there’s you, who I hope will see God’s glory through all of this sooner rather than later. Whatever I say in the days and years to come, I hope I help you see it.


Nicholas White was trapped in an elevator for 41 hours. Thankfully, I was not.

I was taking out the trash on a Saturday morning, and as most garbage evacuation plans go, mine was quite simple:

1. Ride elevator with garbage bags to basement.
2. Deposit garbage bags into trash cans.
3. Ride elevator back to my floor.

Like a boss, I executed Steps 1 and 2 flawlessly, but Step 3 tripped me up. I entered the elevator, a smallish space under bright, hot lights, and pressed the ‘1’ button. The doors slid shut with a thud, but nothing happened. I pressed ‘1’ again. And again. Hmm. Then ‘DOOR OPEN’. Nothing. Then every other floor button on the panel. No response, and I didn’t have my phone on me. I hadn’t anticipated calling anyone or Instagramming our building’s trash heap. Cool Mum and the boys were about to head out for the morning, and I had no way of informing them of my stuckness.  Continue reading

So, we got an iPad 2. I know, I know…

  1. It’s a luxury item. What purpose does it serve between our smartphone and laptop?
  2. It’s an Apple product, and, hence, not cheap.
  3. Did I already ask what purpose it really serves?

I decided to get it for three main reasons:

  1. It would be a handy way to present slideshows or my portfolio to potential clients.
  2. It’s a unique tool that Cool Mum could use in her homeschool lessons with our kids.
  3. It would make for easier news consumption and reading.

Continue reading