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Marking the milestones (for all 3 of us)

banana-boyI’ve watched this video about 5 times today, and I can’t get enough. This boy’s family just celebrated Mother’s Day, and they didn’t want him to feel left out, so they wrapped a banana as a gift and gave it to him, expecting him to be disappointed or upset.

I’m not quite sure about the logic:

We don’t want him to feel sad, so we’ll get his hopes up with a gift and then crush them when he sees it’s a mere $0.59/lb banana.

But instead, he has the sweetest reaction.

The funny thing is that I think the Cool Bros might act in a similar manner. Maybe it’s because we’re such lackluster gift-givers. Maybe it’s because they love to eat. Though, somehow, someway, they seem to not make a huge deal about gifts.

It’s not for lack of experience. They load up every Christmas when we go back to Florida. They’ve probably learned just not to depend on us for gifts. I’m trying to decide if that’s an entirely bad thing.

One drawback of living in the concrete jungle of New York City is that much of that concrete was poured at the expense of grass. The outdoors fun in the video above is all but impossible here. (I guess you’d need a long, gradual slope, too.) Watching these racers fly gets my adrenaline going with a Liz Lemon-style longing of wanting to “go to there.” But I wonder if I actually went to there whether I’d have the guts to sit in a kart and push off down the hill.  Continue reading


Apr 2013 – Mountain man

As we were putting the Cool Bros to bed last night, my heart was full but a little heavy. It would be the last night that Cool Newbie would be a two-year-old.

He’s a chatty, cheery toddler who’s not to shy to bless me with an “I love you, Daddy.” Just five minutes ago, as I was pulling him out of the car when he and Cool Mum got back from the park, he said in his nasal, raspy tone, “I’m so glad to see you! I missed you.”

The shields are down, Captain! We’ve been hit! This kid knows how to pinpoint your heart and leave it in a puddle on the floor.  Continue reading