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Cool Boy has never heard a lightsaber cut air with its unmistakeable vrmmm. He’s never seen Luke whine about chores on the moisture farm. Yet, thanks to LEGO books and kits, CB (and Cool Newbie) are enthralled with a certain galaxy far far away.

I’m a nerd, so of course the original trilogy held considerable sway over my childhood. The second trilogy…let’s not waste precious words on Jar-Jar and a love connection so icy, it was a match made on Hoth.  Continue reading


Jim Gaffigan has a great bit about how we take way too many photos. I could describe it to you, but I’ll let the big-time comedian share it himself.

I’m guilty on two counts, stockpiling photos and videos. Instead of tossing old computers in my closet, I’m hoarding something nerdier: old external hard drives. I have at least six, and at least three of them have media files that the others don’t. One has our wedding video, another a bunch of old band trips, a third our first days in New York.

It’s a mess, so I’ve been toiling the last couple of nights to consolidate all these memories. A roadblock in this archiving process is that the only place I can set up my computer all these hard drives is our dinner table, where we happen to eat breakfast and lunch, too.

So unless I want almond milk splattering on my screen, I have to take apart and reassemble the setup every time I want to work on it, which cuts down number of times I want work on it.

Help me out. How do you store all the photos/videos you take?


As I perused my news feed, I did a double take when I saw a friend’s name in one of the headlines. Then I realized her name was a common one, and she shared it with a reality TV personality. I guess there are worse public figures with which to share a name; just ask our auto insurance rep, Osama Bin Stalin. Continue reading