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My arms and legs feel weak, my voice quavers, my insides churn. That’s how I feel before trying something new that I could spectacularly fail at.

I recently attended a small press conference for the new movie Life of Pi with director Ang Lee, actor Suraj Sharma and screenwriter David Magee. It was inspiring to sit in front of Mr. Lee, one of the greatest filmmakers in the world, and hear his wisdom on making movies and working as a team. I’ve only had one movie poster on my bedroom walls in my 30-plus years of having bedroom walls, and that poster was of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, for which Mr. Lee won an Academy Award.  Continue reading

The Lone BellowEven though I don’t feel like we’re very cool right now, I know we’ve still got it. Case in point: We are WAY ahead of the curve with this band that we like, The Lone Bellow. They’re an 8-piece country/soul band from Brooklyn, mostly made up of members of our church. They write great songs. They put on a fun and unpredictable show. And they’re going to be big. We posted about them before, when they were called Zach Williams and The Bellow.

Last night, we saw the band again at Rockwood Music Hall on the Lower East Side, and because we love you, I filmed a couple of songs. We stood on the front row, partly because we shorties wouldn’t see otherwise, but also because, again, we like this band. So will many, many others in the coming year.

“Bleeding Out,” a rousing anthem about living and making a life in New York City.

“A Tree I’ll Grow,” a love song.