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(photo: PYT Burgers)

(photo: PYT Burgers)

I have a friend named Morgan. When we worked in the same office, she was the first to strike up a conversation with me. When I took an involuntary break in employment, she came to the Bronx and delivered my last check. Even though she moved to Chicago, we keep in touch. She’s a cool friend, which is why it’s odd that she may directly contribute to my early death.

Today she sent me this Groupon for one burger and fries every day for a year at PYT, the self-proclaimed home to “America’s craaaziest burgers.” Some of PYT’s craaazy creations include the Chicken Bacon Eggo Slider and the Bacon-Wrapped Burger. It’s like Epic Meal Time opened a burger joint. And let’s not forget the PB&J Bun Burger, where “deep fried kettle chip coated PB&J sandwiches are buns,” joined by banana-sriracha marinated juicy beef patty and applewood bacon. Continue reading

photo: The Cupcake Project

Sometimes you crave chocolate. Sometimes you crave ooey, gooey cheese. Sometimes you suffer a concussion and crave both at the same time. When that happens, head over to The Cupcake Project and make their Chocolate Chip Cookie Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.

I’m trying not to be offended at this abomination. Chocolate chip cookies are this time in history’s manna from Heaven. How do you think God would feel if the Israelites turned up their noses at the impossibly light and sweet manna, telling Him to send it down with a melted slab of Gruyère?

Ice cream is the only thing I’d squish with two chocolate chip cookies. Nutella sounds nice, but it would be too sweet. Peanut butter: Too sticky. Caramel: Tempting, but too gooey. Brownie: You almost had me, but what’s the rush? I’d rather bide my time and enjoy each treat on its own.

No, I’m a simple man with simple tastes. I mustn’t allow my stomach or arteries to experience such a thing. But the longer I stare at that picture…

My first Trader Joe's receipt in six weeks. Wait, why are there nachos on my beautiful grocery memento? Cool Dad!

Over Christmas, we spent five weeks in Orlando (my hometown)
with friends and different extensions of the Cool Fam. When planning our trip, my first concern was food of course! What would I do without my beloved Trader Joe’s?

The six-week TJ’s Break turned out to be a good thing. Prices were so high for organic food in Florida that I began to eat less overall. I also ate a lot more organic bulk-bin dry beans, for better or for worse. Between that and the miles of wandering around Whole Foods not knowing where anything was, I got into better shape!

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