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le-taylor-tree-of-life-cover-300Five years ago, we featured the first ever guest post on AWSC?, a humorous and moving piece by our blog friend Lauren. The post was called “Musings from the brink,” where she talked about being on the precipice of big change and the anxiety and faith at play in such a moment. She also coined our nickname Cool ‘Rents, which I proudly use to this day.  Continue reading

photo: John Shearer

Last night I watched the Grammys, not so much to celebrate today’s hottest acts, but because I wanted to know who the heck today’s hottest acts are. For years I’ve eschewed popular music in favor of indie acts. But since I’m writing more about pop culture as a job, I figured the Grammys would be a semi-classy 3-hour refresher.  Continue reading

A couple of weeks ago, I saw Life of Pi, the new movie from Academy Award-winning director Ang Lee. I have no hesitation in saying that I got my money’s worth and much more. Yes, I saw it for free, but I’d feel the same way had I dropped $15 at the box office. I’m a cheapskate who can agonize over wasting a dollar, so that recommendation is as lofty as an 800-word treatise from me. Continue reading