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Let’s Go Viral!

Hello, stranger! Well, we’re actually the strangers around here—our own blog—seeing as it’s been OVER A YEAR since our last post. [-20 cool points]

Yes, we could be content with a seven-year run of blogging and let this little corner of the Internet serve as our museum. But what fun are museums? Well, lots, but unfortunately for you, Cool Reader, I’m far from zipping it.

So with tongue firmly planted in cheek, so starts a new kind of adventure for the Cool Fam: a quest! Watch this to find out for what.

I won’t make you wait any longer lest you explode. Here’s the Father’s Day outfit the Cool Bros picked out for me at JCPenney!


As you can see, they combined several approaches to ‘cool’ in this ensemble. Starting from the ground up:

  • The sandals keep my toes cool, freeing them from the heat-trapping confines of closed-toe shoes.
  • The khaki shorts provide a populist cool in that everyone’s wearing them.
  • The Star Wars shirt plays on the new paradigm that geek culture is cool. (And of course, is there any cooler spacecraft than the one that made the Kessel Run in less than TWELVE parsecs?)
  • The newsboy hat tops it off with some old school cool. I’ve long looked for a personal hat style. Can this work?

So now you can enjoy your Father’s Day in peace and harmony. And don’t forget to enter to win a $50 JCP gift card for yourself!

Thanks again to JCPenney for the fun project and new duds!