Father’s Day by JCPenney: The Cool Bros Style Cool Dad, Part 1

This unforgettable moment in internet history is brought to you by JCPenney!

With Father’s Day coming up, I wondered what the Cool Bros had in store for me. Given their limited budget (Cool Newbie celebrates his current horde of pennies in an old yogurt carton), I was expecting some beautiful handcrafted goods.

However, JCPenney reached out to us with a fun Father’s Day project, so in addition to some thoughtful crayon artwork, I’m getting me a fancy new outfit! And the Cool Bros are going to choose it! This should be interesting!

There was so much to choose from, we stayed past closing time so the Bros could make their perfect pick. Thanks to the fine folks at the Hendersonville, NC store for working with us!

Here’s part one of our Father’s Day shopping trip at JCP: The Hunt. Be sure to check back tomorrow to see the various combos my two budding stylists put together!

2 notes on “Father’s Day by JCPenney: The Cool Bros Style Cool Dad, Part 1

  1. Liby Corpus

    I love listening and watching the boys picking up outfit for their dad and can’t wait to see his final choice ! Good for you guys !!!

  2. Shannon

    I love it! I love you guys and the authenticity of this “hunt!” Your boys are so cute and articulate and your family so beautiful (including the camera lady) that it’s no wonder people are happy to have you associated with their brand.

    Now, since I’m late arriving, I’m off to binge watch any subsequent episodes!


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