Father’s Day by JCPenney: Cool Bros Style Cool Dad, Part 2

First of all, don’t leave here without entering to win a $50 JCPenney gift card! Check the widget at the end.

As promised, here’s Part Deux of our Father’s Day extravaganza at JCPenney. Last time, the Cool Bros scoured the store for the coolest possible Father’s Day outfit. Now, we jump right into the essential trope of any ugly duckling-type comedy: the rapid-fire montage of wardrobe changes.

Two things you should know:

1. All clothing choices were strictly made by the Cool Bros. I did not try to sway their decisions. I hope that’s obvious.
2. Although JCPenney made this post possible, all opinions are my own.

Despite the endless options, the Bros were able to come to a consensus that narrowly exceeded the $50 gift card JCP gave us. However, the store associate, who kindly helped us after closing time, rang up a 20% off coupon that took us under the limit. What already seemed like good prices got even better.

I wasn’t sure of what JCPenney had to offer going in, but I was impressed. Between the sales and coupons – a rare combo in New York shopping – we’ll definitely make a trip to the store in Herald Square, just a few subway stops away. As well, I recommend checking out your local store for your Father’s Day shopping.

Make sure to celebrate a little bit of Father’s Day with us and stop in for the big reveal on Sunday!

But there’s more!


JCPenney has provided us with a $50 gift card to give to one lucky Cool Reader. You too can let your kids, friend, mailman, or stranger you meet in the parking lot dress you! Or style yo’self. Either way, this is a superb prize.

Use the widget below to enter. The contest ends June 26. And apologies to our international readers and those in high, middle, elementary, and pre school: The winner must be a U.S. resident at least 18 years of age. Good luck!

JCPenney $50 Gift Card giveaway

2 notes on “Father’s Day by JCPenney: Cool Bros Style Cool Dad, Part 2

  1. Shannon

    I was coming here to split my vote (of course I get 2!) between the all-white and the Toto-inspired safari look, but since Rosie already voted for the safari look, I’ll throw both of mine to the all white. …like a king with a robe on. …very handsome!


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